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Hoseok's POV

"Ahh I'm so sorry my little baby!!" I said to my daughter.

I pick her up and pat her back, trying to comfort her. I didn't know it would be so hard to live without a mother. It actually is, especially for the dad. I grab her bag that I filled with diapers, her milk bottle, the powder and her other things.

"Let's go to the hospital, okay? There will be plenty of big friends that will help you stop crying and feel sick!" I said, opening the door.

We leave to get to the hospital and I bring her to the kids's room, where the doctors that take care of the sick children.

"Oh, hello there!" A young lady says.

"H-hi." I answered.

"Now, what's the problem with this child?" She asked, patting my daughter's hair.

"That is..."

"Fever? She's pretty warm and doesn't look alright. Let me check her."

She was pretty attractive for a paediatrician. I'm not saying that normally they're ugly, but the one taking care of my daughter right now is... Incredible. She's probably in her 20s. I take a look at her fingers. She wasn't married. Maybe she has a boyfriend?

I'm not even sure why I care about that. I'm here for my daughter, not for her. Maybe for both. No, wait, this isn't right, I should care more of my daughter than the girl's life.

"Well, it seems that she'll have to take medicine. Not pills of course, I'll tell you which one. Also... She'll need to take a bath with cold water. Not really cold, just the cold that is right. And-"

"That sounds too complicated..." I whispered.

"Ah, come on! Ask your wife so help, I mean-"

"wife..? I..."

There was a silence. She tried to avoid eye contact from me and only looked at my daughter.

"I don't have a wife..."

"Then..? The mother? Where is she?" She asked, with an upset voice.

"She... Left..."

She sighs and looks at my daughter once more. She smiles at her and picks her up in her arms. She looked even more charming with a child. What if she was the mother? What if she became my wife?

"Ah, it's so sad that she doesn't have a mother... She's so adorable."

I look at my daughter that was smiling as bright as the woman.

"What do I do if I can't heal her?" I asked, stroking her hair.

"Ah... If you want, I can come over to help you sometimes. I have a free week next week. I can go to your house. Does it bother you?" She asks.

"Really? Woah, it would be great! Please come over!"

I give her my address before leaving to get home. Great, she'll be coming over. I'll have to clean up then.

A week later, the doorbell rings and I open the door for her. I didn't want to make things obvious, so I didn't put any flowers anywhere. The laundry and the dishes were done, the rooms were cleans.

She walks in and looks around the room, trying to find my child's bedroom. She opens the last door and she sees her sleeping.

"Oh~ She's so cute! Can I take a picture?" She asks.

"O-of course!"

She took several pictures and stays in the room. She didn't even talk to me, she just stayed inside and took care of my kid.

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