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Jungkook came home from his work and sat on the couch waiting for you to bring him with the glass of water that he asked you to bring for him. You placed the cup onto the table and saw Jungkook looking at you with a big smile. You were so curious what had happened to him at work so you asked.

"Did something happen at work today? Why are you smiling like that?"

"Your so beautiful." He said tapping his long and skinny index finger onto his lips.

You smiled and said, "thanks." You kinda got curious on why he was acting so strange. You walked away and heard the TV go on.

You went into your room and called Rap Monster.
"Hello?" He answered.

"Hey. It's me." I giggled.

"Heyyy! How's it going?" He asked me laughing.

"Good Good. Hey I have a question." You said.

"Okay. Ask away~"

"Did something..happen in the studio today?"

"Many things happened, like..singing..dancing...working out..."

"No not those kinds of buisness...anything else? Cause Jungkook is acting all weird..." You said.

"What kind of weird?" He asked.

"I don't know? He won't stop smiling at me.

Namjoon started to burst out laughing.

"Why are you laughing? So something did happen." You guessed.

"Sure did something happen. Do you want to know?" He asked me giggling.

"Ofcourse! It's why i called you!"

He laughed. "So...today after dancing we got in a circle and no one was in the studio but us, so Jimin just asked Jungkook if he ever felt like he wanted to be together with you..."

"...What do you mean? He's always with me."

"Not like that...the other way?" He said.

"...ew. why?"

Namjoon chuckled, "I don't know? And little jungkook replied with a nod. Which made everyone laugh obviously. And Jhope hyung asked when? And Jungkook told us everyday which made everyone laugh even harder!" Namjoon began to chuckle.

"....He doesn't act like it..I mean...unlike today..."

"Well Jungkook is a mysterious boy. Hey I have to go. I'll talk to you soon. Have fun~~~" He said giggling.


"Just got off the phone with Namjoon." You said coming out of your room.

"Okay. What did you guys talk about?" He asked you while eating a snack.

"...What you guys were talking about today..."

He looked at me and giggled. "So you found out."

"I knew you were perverted, but I didn't know you wanted to do it everyday...you could have told me." You said.

He laughed out loud, "So what if I did tell you, would you do it with me EVERY. SINGLE. day?" He chuckled.

"Noo. That's not what I meant. That's weird!" You said.

"Then what are you saying?" He asked me walking up to me placing his hands on my sides.

"Your so weird. You just ...should have told me. No secrets between us remember?" You said.

"Well it isn't a secret. It's just that the fact that I didn't tell you." He said.

You pouted and he poked your nose lightly and gave you a kiss on your forehead.

"I was only kidding with the boys." He chuckled.

"Good." You said in relief.
"But what If I-"

"NO." You yelled.

"I'm kidding. Come over here and watch this with me, it's hilarious." He said putting an arm around you as you sat down.

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