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"Babe !" Your boyfriend said excitedly through the receiver.

"What ?" You asked with a mixed feeling of shock and worry.

"I have the weekend free ~ Let's go on a date, shall we ? We haven't been on one... since Bts  began rehearsing (they haven't debuted yet)." He said sadly and a little guilty that you two haven't been on a date in a few months. "I'm sorry, it's been so long..." he apologized cutely. You found it amusing how he was a charismatic maniac on stage but off he was like a wild child everywhere he went.

You chuckled, "it's fine, Hoseok. I'm not complaining. And I'm sorry, love. But I can't." You shot him down.

"What ?! ... W-why not ?" He asked his voice now sad and upset.

"I'm sorry, I had plans because I didn't know you would be free. I'm sorry." You apologized.

He sighed, "it's okay..." he smiled and you heard it, "what are you doing ?"

"Babysitting, you can join me if you like," you said hopefully and he groaned.

"You know I don't like kids," he said.

You laughed, "no you love kids. But you just don't have the energy you use to have." You argued and he laughed.

"Well, if you know so well then why are you suggesting it ?" He asked with a laugh.

You frowned, "because I miss you." You mumbled.

He smiled, "excuse me, I didn't hear you." He teased.

You blushed over the phone, "ah, Hoseok you're such a joke." You whined and he chuckled.

"And you're such a baby, we match perfectly," he commented and you laughed. "Fine, I'll go with you, who are we watching ?"

"My little cousin Hyeri (4), and your little cousin Jongmu (5)," you answered.

He made a face, "that's weird your cousin and my cousin on the same day, how did that work out ?"

"Our aunts and their husbands are going on a double date..." You answered making Hoseok laugh.

"Wow... then we should go on a quadruple date (you and Hoseok, and the two kids because your cousin is a girl and his cousin is a boy)." He joked.


The four of you were at Lotte World because well Hoseok actually wanted to enjoy the day so he brought you all to Lotte World. Your cousin Hyeri was really clingy because she was still a baby and she clung to you the entire time while the father and son enjoyed their fun running around. Actually Hoseok was already tired but he continued to chase after Jungmu like a responsible babysitter.

"You okay ?" You asked as you sat beside Hoseok on one of the nearby benches with Hyeri on your lap.

He sent you a smile but looking at his eyes you knew he was tired, "of course, your personal baby (he pointed to himself cutely) still has tons of energy." He lied.

You laughed and were about to reply but Hyeri cutely tapped you. You glanced down at her and she motioned for you to lower your head so she could whisper in your ear.

"Unnie, I have to use the bathroom..." she said softly and you pulled back sending her a smile.

"Alright, let's go," you told her setting her on the ground and standing up as you held out your hand for her to hold.

"Wait, where you going ?" He asked.

"Hyeri has to use the bathroom," you told Hoseok and the little girl blushed hiding behind you as Hoseok smiled sweetly at her.

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