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He used to smile a lot. No, wait. Not a lot. He used to smile every single day. Every single minute. He was always happy and seemed never to be sad or hurt. He had such a beautiful smile. You were always melting by seeing it. It was like an angel's smile. Your angel. You were so proud of being his girlfriend. He was your all and you almost couldn't imagine your life without him. When he was by your side, you felt like you could face any obstacle. He made you stronger. And you loved him. God you loved him so much...


You met him at a café, as you were drinking to forget about how hard your studies were. He joined you, saying that he'd like to drink with such a pretty girl. You were a little suspicious at first. You had never trusted this kind of person -especially men- and you were always afraid of just being a one-night stand. But you ended up accepting, thinking that you had nothing to lose. He smiled for the first time since you knew him, and you melt for the first time. His smile was comforting and made you forget about everything. Nothing else mattered anymore but him and his beautiful smile. He made you laugh during this evening and it was one of the most memorable moments of your ordinary life. You exchanged phone numbers and since that day, you began to meet frequently. You really enjoyed the presence of each other.

After several months meeting as friends, Taehyung sent you a message concerning your next meeting.

"_____, if u don't mind, let's make this meeting a date.

I'd like to see how it feels to date you. See u later!"

Your heart had jumped inside your chest and you couldn't have felt happier. You kept on wondering Does he want me to be his girlfriend? Does he.. love me? and you couldn't help smiling. You quickly answered his text, replying that it was "okay". You didn't put any punctuation. You didn't want him to know that you were eager. You took your time to dress up prettily and to style your hair. Then, you joined the meeting point which was near a huge fountain. He was already here, smiling at you brightly. "You're so beautiful, _______-ah."

You blushed and smiled back, mumbling a little "thanks". He took your hand and began to drag you with him. "So.... Where should we go? What do you think of the park? We could walk there and have some fishcakes as well!"

You nodded quickly in approval while beaming. He always had great ideas. You walked together toward the park, still holding hands. You weren't awkward anymore. It just seemed so natural to be like this with him. After some minutes of walking, you finally reached the park. As it was the beginning of spring, flowers were blooming here and there. It was beautiful and pleasant. You shyly intertwined your fingers, which made Taehyung look at you with a grin, finding you cute. Then he led you to a street cart and asked you what you wanted to eat. You replied that you only wanted a fishcake as he said earlier and he ordered two. He paid and then holds the skewered fishcake out to you. "Here~ !"

"Thank you Taehyung Oppa!". You took the snack from his hands and munched a piece of it. Your face lit up as you kept saying it was delicious. Taehyung was pretty amused by your behavior and he gently laughed at you. You faked being vexed and let go of his hand, walking on your own. He chuckled and caught up with you. "Ay~~ You're so cute when you pout jagi."

His words made you stop and lift you head to him as you blinked. Had you well-understood? Had he just called you.. "jagi"? Your heart was pounding and you were staring at TAehyung, silently asking for answers. He grinned and, without letting you know, he sealed your lips in a deep kiss. You opened wide eyes, taken aback by his act. Then you ended up closing them and you answered to the kiss. He put his arms around your waist, holding you tight against him. You were feeling so good right now and your heart was fluttering. You had never felt like this before. He finally broke the kiss but he kept you in his arms, staring at you more seriously than ever. "I love you ____."

You didn't know what to say nor what to do. It was so sudden and it was the first time someone confessed to you. But you knew he was waiting for an answer from you and you didn't want to disappoint him. You let a shy smile appear on your face and looked straight in his eyes. "I love you too Taehyung."

He somehow seemed to be reassured and he pulled you against him. "I'm glad to hear that. I was afraid you wouldn't.." You shook your head with a smile before burying your head in his neck. "How couldn't I love you?". He didn't answer and just tightened his embrace, as he was already afraid of losing you. You didn't understand but didn't insist. He must have his reasons..

After this date, you began to meet even more. You couldn't spend a single day without seeing each other. You even decided to live together in a pretty flat. You lived a perfect romance, enjoying each moment together. You couldn't have been happier. And you believed he was feeling the same way..

One morning, as you just spent your first night together, becoming one, you woke up alone in the bed. You thought that he was only preparing breakfast so you stood up and went to the kitchen. On the table, an empty cup of coffee was standing on which a post-it was stuck. You took it and read the some words that were written on it.

"_____... I'm leaving.. You know, I really loved you. Really.

But.. it's becoming too serious and I know I would hurt you if I

stayed with you. I'm not a good guy you know? I use to play a

lot.. But I just want you to know I never played with you. Never.

My feelings toward you were sincere.. But I have to go now..

Bye bye, my love..."


He used to smile a lot. He used to kiss you a lot. He used to tell you "I love you" a lot. But what remains of all this love now? Just a memory. The memory of a bright and joyful Taehyung. The memory of a loving boyfriend. But does it still matter? It's just memories...

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