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"Come on come on," Jin grabbed you by the hand and pulled you into the empty acting theatre where he and his acting classmates had just finished rehearsing. Though you tried to protest you know how stubborn Jin can get so eventually you just let him drag you across the aisle to the empty stage where he made you sit on the piano bench. "You're not going home yet anyway so why not accompany me practice?"

"Can't I play the murderer role instead?" You beamed and blinked sarcastically. Jin shot you a serious look before taking out his script. The play was next week and his role was a prince, who defied all odds and ran from the throne just to be with a lowly servant who he fell in love with. Despite how utterly cliché-ish you thought it is, He loved getting that role and although you were happy for him when he got it, you ended up always having to hear him suddenly bust out some corny cheesy lines from his script whenever you're with him and to be honest, the fact that you sort have a slight crush on him isn't helping. Okay maybe, not slight, maybe more than just 'slight'. You've always thought that he was good-looking and by some twist of fate, you two became friends and closer and you realized that he was more than just a pretty face. He was silly, ridiculous, sometimes just plain embarrassingly awkward but most of all, he's caring, trustworthy and have always been there for you.

"No." he answered, shooting imaginary lasers through his stare before skimming through the script. He cleared his throat and ran to the end of the stage where some fake looking trees made out of cardboards adorn the background. His facial expression then changed into that of a worried look. "... I.... need to see her." He began to clutch his abdomen. "I guess this is the part after you've fought the dragon? Geez, how you survive is just beyond me. Who's going to be the dragon?" you asked purposefully knowing that he'd be annoyed with your constant interruption.

After some more series of interruptions from you and murderous glares from him, the next scene finally came when the prince had spotted the servant he fell in love with. He huffed and wheezed, saying more lines and then he got to you. He then fixated his gaze on you, who was forced to play the servant or rather, the 'Love of his life' as he insisted calling. His facial expressions changed from a pained expression to a relieved, warmer smiling one. Although you must admit, his acting was better than you thought, you can't help but feel amused inside because of all the cheesiness. Kneeling in front of you while clutching his 'injured' abdomen, he uttered, "My love...." And you cringed and for a split second there you could see Jin shooting imaginary lasers at you before professionally switching back to his acting role. "... I've endured..."

He continued saying some more lines but from then on somehow, you couldn't tear your gaze off his. Somehow the easily-amused you found your amusement gauge drying out and all you could feel was the choking feeling of your heart racing. You knew he had gorgeous eyes and face, actually gorgeous everything, but somehow the gaze you two shared at this moment was something else. The fact that by now he was kneeling on the floor with one hand on yours didn't help calm your heart at all.

He then slowly reached for your cheeks, cupping it and a warm smile carved on his lips. Usually you being you, you'd immediately slap his hand away but you ended up freezing on spot. "I love you." Those words ring clear in your ears, repeating over and over in your head and you could feel your heart racing even more. For a moment there, the world seemed to stop and there was nothing else bothering your mind except the fact that what he said felt real and you felt more than compelled to answer him.

"Me t-" you almost let out but stopped in time, much to your relief. You blinked nervously, not knowing what to do as you see Jin's expression changing to a confused look. Inside, your were mad at yourself for almost losing to your feelings and almost blurted out the secret you'd been working so hard to keep these two years. You rose up suddenly, pushing his hands away, unable to meet his gaze, you mumbled, "...I... I think my friends are already at the entrance to pick me up. I'm going."

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