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Rap Monster

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Bts was going to debut soon, and it was a given that Namjoon stayed up all night to film, record, or monitor the work that the group had done for several sleepless weeks. You were sitting in a café near the Big HIt building, frowning as you put your book down to check the time on your phone. Hanbin and you were supposed to meet since he wanted to make up for being unable to accompany you to dates while since he was busy. It seemed like he was still busy, as he was already late for 20 minutes.

You did not want to interrupt his work so you just sent him a text and took your last sip of Americano before grabbing your belongings, ready to leave.

Just before you left, you heard the bells ringing, signaling someone entering the café. As the staff shouted welcome and giggled, everyone in the cafe started whispering harshly among themselves. The boy who had walked in was scanning through the menu, pondering hard over what to order and how to reward himself for surviving the day, until he saw you. He gently tapped on your shoulder and cheekily smiled as you turned around, "Hi.".

Your eyes widened as you saw the all-too-familiar face in front of you. "Yoongi!" you squealed as you gently hugged him. He smiled as he gently patted your back. "Were you waiting for Namjoon? He's still in the studio recording though. You know what a perfectionist he is."

"Yeah I know. I was about to head home until I saw you." You frowned. "I was stressed over school stuff and I just needed to rant to him and all.. But he's just too busy."

"Oh. You know, I don't really mind rants. You can always tell me, and I'm pretty good at helping someone release stress." Yoongi winked at you as he collected his drink at the counter.

"Really? A listening ear would be great." You smiled as both of you proceeded to take a seat, and you started your string of complaints and rants about a nasty group-mate that you were working with for a project. Yoongi was being a good listener, just as he said.

After you finally finished your rant, with Yoongi giving you some advice here and there, you agreed to his invitation of playing video games at the boys' dorm since he convinced you it was a good way to release your anger.

Yoongi and you were racing against each other as you whined how you weren't getting any happier with your string of losses in the game. "Ugh, racing cars is just not my thing." you groaned as Yoongi won, again.

"Cheer up, at least you won twice." Yoongi replied as he laughed.

"Twice out of the eighteen games?" you scoffed. Unwilling to admit your defeat, you decided to compete once more.

You were in the midst of competing against Yoongi and it was an intense game, with your overwhelming determination to win at least this round, until your phone rang and you cussed under your breath. Groaning, you paused the game. "Don't you dare start without me!" You warned Yoongi as you shot him a look before picking up the phone call.

"Hello? I'm so sorry, you know, I got carried away by work again. Did I wake you up? I know it's 2 in the morning, but would you like some supper? I can get your favorite spicy rice cakes and fishcake on my way to your apartment." Namjoon spoke, and your heart warmed at how he never failed to care for you even though it was evident in his voice that he seemed to have missed a few nights of sleep consecutively. "No, it's okay, in fact I'm at your do-Hey Min Yoongi! I said to not start the game without me!" You screamed at the giggling Yoongi, as you jumped at him, temporarily forgetting about Namjoon who was at the other line.

"Babe, I'll call you back another time, okay?" You spoke to the phone before putting it down, and all Namjoon could hear was you scolding Yoongi, then both of you laughing hysterically.

Bts finally earned a short break, and you decided to drop by the boys' dorm with their favorite food, as well as to meet Namjoon whom you weren't able to see for the past two weeks. Yoongi opened the door upon hearing you ring the bell, and as soon as both of you saw each other, you bickered non-stop as he joked about why you were at their dorm.

Namjoon bit his lip as he watched you chase Yoongi around the dorm. He didn't like what he was seeing. He didn't like seeing you so close to Yoongi, as if you and Yoongi were the real couple. Sure, he loved Yoongi as much as he loved you, but seeing both of you like this was awfully painful for him to watch.

You finally stopped your little battle with Yoongi when you saw NAmjoon entering his room. Wondering what was wrong, you went to his room as well, aad you found him sitting on his bed, his face buried in his hands.

"Namjoon? What's wrong?" you asked. It was unusual for Namjoon to be like this.

"It's nothing." Namjoon took a deep breath as he got up, and smiled softly at you.

"NAmjoon. I know something is off and bothering you. Tell me what's wrong, please?"

"Nothing. I'm really okay." Namjoon shrugged.

"Haven't we agreed on the 'I'm okay' thing last time? We promised to tell each other when something is wrong. I've been your girlfriend for nearly 3 years. I know when you're okay and when you're not. Now tell me, what's the matter?"

"You and Yoongi hyung." he muttered under his breath, keeping his head down.

"NAmjoon oppa, look at me and speak up. I can't hear you if you're like this."

"You and Yoongi!" Namjoon shouted.

"What? What about me and Yoongi oppa?"

"You guys have been hanging out so much, so much that even I am confused who your boyfriend is. It's not your fault, I blame myself for being so busy that I could not even make some time out for you. I hate that I'm feeling this way. I hate it that I'm feeling jealous." Namjoon looked up and as his eyes met yours, you could have sworn that his eyes were teary and you could see how hurt and upset he was. He immediately broke the eye contact and took off his snapback, hand ruffling through his hair as he sat on the edge of the bed, sighing.

On the other hand, you were shocked by Namjoon's outburst. You were oblivious to how NAmjoon was feeling all these days.

You sat down next to Namjoon and hugged him as tightly as you could, catching him by surprise. "You little idiot." you muttered as your face sunk in his chest. "Yoongi oppa and I are just friends. Or should I say, siblings? We bicker and joke around, he plays video games with me when no one else does, he comforts me when I'm sad and listens to my rants. He is like a really good brother to me, and it's very different from a boyfriend, NAmjoon."

His face dug into your shoulders and you continued, "I know you're always there for me, and when I'm sad, you are always the first one that realizes. You turn up at my house with my favorite chocolates and food, and you distract me from whatever that is bothering me. You are the first person that I want to share my troubles and rant to. A boyfriend is very different from a best friend and brother, Namjoon." You cooed and placed a gentle peck on his lips.

"And we kiss. Siblings don't." you added and Namjoon smiled, this time genuinely, as he swiftly picked you up and went out of his room with a screaming girlfriend in his arms.

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