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You looked at yourself through the mirror you were standing in front of in your bedroom. You had just finished getting ready for this party one of your best friends invited you to. You asked her if you could bring anyone along and she insisted that anyone can come. You smiled knowing the perfect person to bring to the party. You called your boyfriend just last night to see if he was busy the next evening and if he would like to come. He accepted your offer and all day today you would still be receiving texts from him saying how excited he was to go and to see you. This party was also just another way to spend some time with your boyfriend, but you were also very excited to see some old friends.

As you were fixing your accessories on your hand, your boyfriend came into your room hugging you from behind. He placed his head on your shoulder looking at you through the mirror with a smile plastered on his face.

"Ready to go (Y/N)-ah?" he asked. You fix any last touches to your outfit and agreed to leave for the party now so you wouldn't be late. The drive to your best friend's house only took around ten minutes. Both you and Hoseok sighed in relief that the traffic was not as bad as usual during this time. You finally reached the destination of the party and got out of the car. Hoseok could tell you were a bit nervous. He was nervous himself to meet all of your friends. He grabbed your hand and squeezed it tight.

"Don't worry jagi. You're going to have fun." he smiled at you, making your cheeks burn. You squeezed his hand just as tight and walked up to the front door. Before you even knocked, your best friend appeared in front of you.

"Unnie!" she yelled as she ran up to you giving you a big hug. You laughed and hugged her back. You both said how much you missed each other and you said how glad you decided to come. Your boyfriend introduced himself to your childhood friend making her give you a little smirk. You tell what she was thinking right off the bat. 'He's a keeper'

You all walked in the house seeing all the people around you. Some of your other friends saw you from the corner of the room and ran up to you, chatting with you about all sorts of topics. As everyone was talking you wondered where your boyfriend went noticing he wasn't around you. You then saw him talking to your best friend's boyfriend on the other side of the hallway. You were happy that Hoseok was not bored and that he seemed to be fitting in. Your best friend asked you if you could go upstairs to get more ice for the drinks in her room. You agreed, walking up the stairs to her room.

As you entered her room, you were trying to find where she kept the ice. She said it was stocked in a mini refrigerator, but you couldn't find one. You went on the other side of the bed to see if she had the refrigerator there, when you heard the door creek open. You looked over the bed to see it was your best friend's boyfriend.

"That's my side of the bed you know..." he said following with a little laugh. You blushed, embarrassed at the thought that he might think you were snooping through his things. You got up from the floor still not finding the damn ice.

"Oh, I'm sorry. (Y/F/N) said that there was a refrigerator up here and I-I can't find it." You explained to him. He laughed and said there was no need to apologize.

"Here, the ice is in the closet." He said to you. You gave a confused look, why would you keep a mini refrigerator in your closet? You walked towards the closet and thanked him. As you went inside you noticed that he was following you. You just assumed he was going to help you carry the ice back downstairs until once you were both inside he closed the door. You turned around after you heard the click to the door closing and got anxious.

"W-What are you doing?" you asked him quietly. He walked up to you bringing his hands up to your face caressing your cheeks.

"You look really beautiful tonight in that dress (Y/N)-ah" he whispered making you cringe. You couldn't let this happen. He was in a relationship with your best friend and you can't let him think he can control what happens. You grabbed his hands that were on your face and pushed them away.

"Thank you, but I need to go back downstairs to see my boyfriend and your girlfriend." You said sternly to him. You tried to walk past him to get out of the closet, but he refused to let you through.

"Playing hard to get I see..." he said. Then he grabbed you by the waist turning you around that your back was touching the closet door. You gasped; you were disgusted with this man and wanted nothing to do with him. You managed to push him off of you and quickly opened the door and walk about a foot out of the closet. He then grabbed your arm trying to pull you back in the small closet.

"Let go of me!" you yelled at him hoping someone would hear you and help you from him. As if it was on cue, your boyfriend walked into the bedroom with a puzzled look on his face. He called your name, wondering what was going on. He then saw your best friend's boyfriend holding onto your arm, he went furious. Hoseok ran up to you and grabbed the man's arm and gave him one of the dirtiest looks.

"I suggest you let go of her now before you make this problem a lot worse" Hoseok ordered him as you were still trying to pull your arm away from him. After Hoseok little staring contest with the man, he finally let go pushing his way out of the room. You traced the hand marks on your arm from your best friend's boyfriend and knew you were going to have a bruise there in the morning. Hoseok grabbed your face, making sure you were to look at him.

"Are you okay jagiya? Did he do anything?" he said with a concerned look on his face. You looked back down at your arm and explained you were fine and that he didn't do anything to hurt you too bad. You both decided to just leave the party and go home; you both already had enough 'fun'.

"You really told him to leave you alone eh jagi?" Hoseok told you and laughed. You laughed as well knowing that you didn't really do much to make him leave you alone.

"I think you really told him oppa..." you said as you both walked back to your car and drove home.

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