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Your phone rang loudly. It was Jungkook's ringtone, and you sat up in the dark. Why was he calling so late? Pressing answer, you held the phone up to your ear groggily.

"Mm, hello?" You mumbled sleepily, rubbing your eyes to adjust to the darkness. Jungkook sighed into the phone, making you even more confused.

"Why are you sleeping? It's only 1."

"That's exactly why I'm sleeping. Don't you have schedules tomorrow? Go to sleep, Jungkook."

"I do have schedules, but I want to see you. Let's go somewhere and do nothing."

You groaned loudly, rolling onto your back. "I don't wanna."

"Great, I'll be there in 20." He hung up, leaving you in total darkness once again. Another groan escaped your lips. When Jungkook wanted to do something, he could never be stopped.

You quickly got dressed, not even bothering with your hair and face. He'd slept over plenty of times, so you weren't bothered by it anymore. What was the use in even calling and asking to hang out when he wouldn't take no for an answer? It wasn't a bad thing that your own boyfriend wanted to see you, but you were tired and wanted to sleep.

He showed up at your place right on time, just as expected. You slipped on one of the hoodies he'd lent you (more like you stole from him). Without even knocking, Jungkook opened the door. You'd unlocked it for him, knowing he would try the door anyway.

"Jagi," he called, and you answered with an in here.

He came to the small living room of your apartment, laying right on top of you on the sofa.

"Jungkook," your voice was muffled under his body. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, snuggling into your head. You attempted to push him off, but he just held tighter.

"Jungkook, I can't breathe," your voice was still muffled, and you'd both started to laugh.

"Mm, you smell good. Did you really just wake up?" He accused, rolling off you and onto the carpeted floor with ease. More laughter erupted from you, and you nodded.

"I just woke up." You promised, sounding proud that you'd actually woken up to his call. He picked himself up from the floor, dusting off his behind casually. You helped him, but it was only so you could touch his butt.

"Wow, pervert."

You snorted. "Says the one who grabs your members butt's before going on stage."

"Touche? Come on, let's go for a drive."

"Where?" You wondered, letting him take both of your hands and pull you to your feet. He shrugged, pulling you into a tight hug and tapping your back with his fingers.

"Don't you like going for drives?"

"Doesn't every human being?" You retorted, and he shook his head.

"No, not people who get car sick."

"Wow, thanks captain obvious." You pushed him lightly, but allowed him to take your hand tightly in his own. "Let's go."

You got down to his car, and opened the passenger side, which had blankets laid out nicely. You looked up at him over the roof of the car, raising your eyebrows.

"You can sleep in the car. I just want to be with you." He pouted, climbing in the car. You got in after him, sitting down and wrapping the blankets around yourself. You pulled one out from under you, and laid it nicely on Jungkook.

"Why me?" He chuckled softly, as you pressed the blanket edges under him so his lower body made him look like a mermaid.

"Because it's cold."

"I have a heater in my car, you know."

"Oh man, really? No, I didn't know. This is the first time I've ever been in a car ever, thanks for letting me know." You snapped sarcastically, placing a hand on his thigh and patting it affectionately. He started up the car and left your apartment building parking lot, driving nowhere in general.

"Don't you know how much gas is?" You asked, looking at him from the little hole you gave yourself in your blanket armor.

"I do, because I have a car."

"Why are we driving around for no reason?"

"It's not for no reason. I want to take you somewhere, it's nicer at night."

Most of the car ride was quiet because you'd closed your eyes. You didn't fall asleep, but you appreciated that Jungkook didn't disturb your attempt at quiet.

He stopped the car after a little drive, and opened the door.

"(Y/N)ah, come look at this. Whoa, I love the ocean." He sounded excited, like a little kid seeing something they liked for the first time. Throwing off the blankets in curiosity, you climbed out of the car after him.

"Be careful, it's a ledge." He warned, holding out his hand for you to climb up the rock's he'd parked by.

"Why did you bring me somewhere I need to move?" You whined, holding onto his shoulder tightly as he helped you to where he was. When you'd finished climbing the rocks, he took your hand tightly and walked towards the end of the cliff.

The ledge looked off to the water, and you sucked in a surprised breath. Glancing over at Jungkook, he looked just amazed.

"This is awesome, right?" He wrapped his arms around your body, kissing just under your ear.

"Mm, it's so pretty. The moon reflect's the water so well here."

He kissed you, lightly. His lips felt extra soft for some reason, and you leaned into it. His hands held your hips against his, and your arms snaked around his neck.

For some reason, this kiss was better than the rest. When you pulled away to breathe, he looked down at you with sweet eyes.

"I want to keep kissing you," he leaned down again, kissing anywhere visible.

"Jungkook," you laughed pushing his head away from you. Again, you met eyes.

"I love you," he said quickly. When you said nothing, he covered his mouth quickly, looking away.

You took his cheeks in your hands, making him look at you. "I love you, too."

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