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His growing detachment, his state of mild disinterest whenever around you and the lessened time both of you have spent together was all due to his work as a famous idol. Well, at least you were trying to rationalise and convince yourself so. However, the sinking feeling of trepidation seemed to tell you a whole new story but you chose to blatantly ignore, refusing to acknowledge your gut feeling until you confirmed it with your eyes. Even though, your gut feelings were 99% time correct, you chose to believe that this time it was this rare 1%.

Despite being an equally famous and busy idol, you seemed to have much more free time at hand than your boyfriend, not that it mattered much to you since you believe Jeongguk was working hard to promote his group. Grappling with the shopping bags, you tittered on your heels, barely stopping yourself from falling over and kissing the floor. How embarrassing to know that it had been a few good years yet you were still rather unsteady in stilts.

Pulling out your phone, you quickly tapped on the screen of the device and placed the mobile phone next to your ear. Listening to the familiar sound of the call waiting to be picked up, you threaded through the sea of people, muttering your apologies as the bags in your hand hit the passing people around.


"... Ah, you picked up! Hello, Kookie, this is ______ speaking," the undeniable smile that spread across your face as you heard the familiar voice on the other end of the phone.

"Ahh, ______, how's your day?" Through phone, you heard sound of traffic and people, making you guess that he had more or less finished with his work and was on his way back.

"Good, I've just went shopping and bought some really nice gifts," you smiled as he answered the male brightly, as you quickened your pace to cross the road as the traffic lights flashed.

"Ah, that's nice to hear," the male hummed as he listened to your words.

"Such a dull reaction from you," you pretended to be annoyed before breaking into a short laugh, "Joking, joking. I'll see you then? What time will you-"

"Mhm, she's on the line right now, just give me a moment, okay?" Jeongguk's voice rang out from the other end and those words didn't seemed to be directed at you.

"Jeongguk?" You called out, confusion clear in your voice.

"Ah, your manager needs you back now? That's such a shame, I wanted to spend more time together but see you, love," the words sounded distant as though the phone was nowhere near the male's lips but you could vaguely make out his words through the noise.

For some reason, it unsettled you as you spotted head of hair in the crowd. Walking closer, you confirmed the identity of the male but the female next to him was painfully familiar to you yet you weren't quite able to place a finger on who it was. Who could be this female that was with your boyfriend at such a time? The impending fear gripped you making you want to disappear from the streets, wanting to stay in the state of blissful ignorance to your boyfriend's abnormal behaviour but your feet were planted firmly to the ground, leaving you no choice as you watch the scene unfold before you.

You were quite sure your heart dropped to the pits of no return when you watch the two lean in to share a quick kiss and the tilt of the female's face allowed you a quick glimpse of the female's identity. Your heart which was already buried in the pits of darkness shattered at the painful reality presented in its original glory before you. That female was your best friend, a friend you have sworn to be besties and never to betray each other. It seemed like those promises must be just empty words hollow of its original meaning.

'Then what about Jimin? Does he even know? Or is he still foolishly thinking that his girlfriends is still devoted to him?' The next thought that crossed your mind was her boyfriend, and you could only let out a dry and bitter laugh. Jeongguk and [best friend's name] played well, they got both yourself and Jimin falling for their act, pulling your strings without you even noticing.

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