FATE // VMINKOOK by defective-
Taehyung gets abused. Jungkook is poor. Jimin is rich. Fate brings them together, and they seem to find comfort in each other.
  • hoseok
  • jungkook
  • vmin
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Just a slave  《BTS SMUT 18+》 by RealAnimefuko
Just a slave 《BTS SMUT 18+》by Nicole Wood
*no offence to BTS , they not like this at all!* *MATURE THEMES AHEAD AND SENSITIVE THEMES AHEAD* What happened if BTS took you in, as you were homeless and slowly bega...
  • jungkook
  • jhope
  • jin
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Secretly Married | JJK ✓  by graceplanet
Secretly Married | JJK ✓ by grace
❝Don't touch me, don't look at me, don't come near me, understood?❞ - Being secretly married to someone is hard. But being secretly married to a worldwide famous idol is...
  • bts
  • kpop
  • btsff
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Overprotective  by puppyloverxol
Overprotective by Puppy
Kim Y/N is a shy and quiet girl. She's the youngest in her family with 6 older brothers and a cross dressing step dad. Did I mention they are all overprotective? Lately...
  • bangtan
  • jin
  • jungkook
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Blood Ink by pocketbangtan
Blood Inkby Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E
"That's my tattoo, Y/N, on your body. You know exactly what that means." BTS Jungkook x Reader tattoo artist AU gang AU Thanks and credits to all of the origi...
  • btsjungkook
  • jin
  • bangtanboys
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Snapchat ♕♛ x Reader by blooming-gay
Snapchat ♕♛ x Readerby iris
⇾Park Jimin accidentally added you on Snapchat.⇽
  • jungkook
  • kik
  • bangtanboy
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FALLING FOR THE BOSS // JJK ✅ by bangtan_books
FALLING FOR THE BOSS // JJK ✅by bangtan_books
You're an ambitious teen fresh out of college, and you've just landed your dream job in the city of Seoul. Your first day is going all too smoothly, and you've quickly f...
  • jk
  • jeonjungkook
  • jungkook
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Noona || J.JK by sunnytaechuu
Noona || J.JKby J A S M I N E
•••••••••"Teach me, noona."•••••••••• •••••••••"Jungkook, I can't teach you that!"•••••• [smut warning]
  • hoseok
  • seokjin
  • btsfanfic
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wrong number 》jjk by k16b13
wrong number 》jjkby k16b13
the text messages between a girl who doesn't care for labels and a boy who is labeled worldwide as one the hottest male alive and it all started from a simple wrong numb...
  • idols
  • texting
  • kookie
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My Cruel Husband 1 || Jeon Jungkook by justjeon
My Cruel Husband 1 || Jeon Jungkookby zie
In which Jeon Jungkook agrees to marry Song Taehee(you) because of some reasons. She's happy. While he isn't. She does everything for him. While he does everything for a...
  • jimin
  • arrangedmarriage
  • romance
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Bts X Reader~ Anonymous by brownies_manga
Bts X Reader~ Anonymousby 🥀H.E.R🥀
You live in the US, and your just stunningly beautiful. Then one day, you somehow meets bts through text?! ~BTS fanfic x reader Anonymous: Hi~ Y/N: ??? (First couple chp...
  • fanfic
  • kpopfanfic
  • btsxreader
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Mute // yoonmin by ChibiKittie
Mute // yoonminby Kit Kat
"I know you're mute and all, but it's hard with this current relationship and it feels so one sided when you can't say-" "I...l-l..lo... ffu-
  • boyxboy
  • yoongixjimin
  • bts
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smoker // kimtaehyung [COMPLETED] by seokgenie
smoker // kimtaehyung [COMPLETED]by 티니
" stop smoking " he grabbed the cigarette i was about to light and threw it onto the ground. " but you smoke too, what's your fucking logic? " "...
  • parkjimin
  • bts
  • bangtan
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Paper Roses | jikook by Jiminttrash
Paper Roses | jikookby H
❝I'm not fucking calling you daddy. ❞ Ranked #1 in #Jikook [052118]
  • kookmin
  • jikook
  • jungkook
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basketball by HANSUNGS
basketballby ˗ˏˋ FAKE LOVE ˎˊ˗
girls can't play sports.
  • suga
  • bangtan
  • fanfiction
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Step-daddy || Namjoon  by LuckyNamjin
Step-daddy || Namjoon by Kookiemonster
Being this close to you're mother's husband everyday will be harder than you think. ~ -This is my first Story I ever made so there are many mistakes sorry.
  • namjoonsmut
  • faceyourselfawards
  • jin
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My Cruel Husband 2 || Jeon Jungkook by justjeon
My Cruel Husband 2 || Jeon Jungkookby zie
In which Jeon Jungkook returns to his old self which is... neglecting you. ======================================= SEQUEL to My Cruel Husband ===========================...
  • wattys2018
  • jeonjungkook
  • jungkookxyou
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Foursome with the bts maknaes ( 21+ ) oneshot (COMPLETED)  by peachybunsx
Foursome with the bts maknaes ( Neo ☪
You're best friends with the bts maknae line but are fairly closer to Jungkook since both of you grew up together. Jimin and Taehyung have also known you for a long time...
  • btsjimin
  • btsjungkook
  • btsfourway
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Irresistible Fanboy | Yoonmin by _asmaa_author_
Irresistible Fanboy | Yoonminby Asmaà
"Of course I remember my cute fanboy." Park Jimin is an ARMY whose life will suddenly change when he will keep meeting his bias, Suga coincidentally. ¤Yoonmin...
  • bl
  • wattys2018
  • yoonminsmut
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Dance for me: BTS Jimin  by KpopLover1012
Dance for me: BTS Jimin by Ya girl Chloe
A shy girl with a love for dancing A confident guy who loved to watch her
  • jin
  • jungkook
  • rapmonster
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