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Lights flashed before your eyes, different sounds caught your attention turning every which way trying to find where they were coming from. Visitors slowly trying to find ways around everyone else, a hand gently held onto yours slightly tightening around yours as an attempt to keep you from getting lost in the crowd.

"Which one should we do first, jagiya?" Your boyfriend looked around at the arcade type games once the two of you found a less crowded place to stop and look around a little.

"Which one looks fun to you?" You turned and looked at him as his brown eyes scanned the fun games lining the large streets in the amusement park.

"What about that one?" Jimin pointed to a brightly colored booth that didn't have much of a line.

"That looks good" You nodded as the two of you started to head over to the booth.

Arriving at the booth, you smiled seeing it was a gun type of game. Jimin pulled out his wallet and handed over the exact amount of money as he grabbed a gun resting in a holster as you did the same. Bringing the gun up with both hands, the worker happily started the machine as the two of you began to rack up points. Digital numbers added up on your side and Jimin's before the buzzer sounded and the two of you placed the guns back in their place before looking up at your scores.

"I won!" You smiled and pumped your fist against the air in victory

"Just by a few points" Jimin smirked as he thanked the man before the two of you started to wonder around and try other games around as well. The two of you tied at the basketball shooting game then at the bottle toss game too.

"What game should we try next?" You swung your linked hands together as he carefully looked around seeing if there was won that he could win.

"Let's go over to this one" He happily pulled you along as you couldn't help but smile once you arrived at a one person game.

Stuffed animals hung over head as you just smiled to yourself as Jimin payed for yet another game and picked up the darts. Hitting as many balloons as he could, his tongue ran along his bottom lip for concentration. Once he ran out of darts, his score was tallied and Jimin smiled at you proudly.

"Sir, you can choose a stuffed animal" The man behind the game smiled as JImin and you lifted your eyes to the many animals filling the top of the booth.

"Which one do you want, cutie?" Jimin shifted his eyes to you as you were still looking through the animals.

"You won though" You reminded him as he nodded

"I want you to choose" He placed his hand on your back and rubbed it gently as you chose one of the animals. The man pulled it down for you and handed it over to Jimin before he kissed your cheek and held it out for you.

"A boyfriend has to get a stuffed animal for you eventually, it is in the boyfriend code" Jimin chuckled to himself. Blushing, you took the teddy bear, you chose, and held it in your arms thanking the man before walking off.

Wondering around the park a little, your eyes followed the screaming rides that whizzed over your head. enjoying the little trinket shops and food stands that were brightly painted and whimsical.

"Do you want some ice cream? It is a little warm today" Jimin questioned feeling his stomach tighten with hunger as his thumb gently rubbed against your hand to get your attention.

"That would be great, I was getting a little hungry" You giggled holding the teddy bear on your hip.

"Wait right here and I will get it for you" Jimin turned to you and smiled, slipping his hand out of your before trotting into the ice cream store that was painted in several shades of his favorite color, purple.

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