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You walked around the apartment you shared with your boyfriend, looking for anything out of place. Knowing your brother, he likes things in place and not messy. You cleaned the pillows from the floor and placed them nicely on the couch. Blushing a bit, you picked up the pack of unused condoms and threw them into the nightstand drawer. Letting out a sigh you were relieved that the place was clean.

As you were cooking you heard the door open, Is Yoongi home early? Why was he home early?

"Babe, whatcha making? I thought we were having a movie date tonight?" His voice was coming near, you heard his footsteps sounding louder as he got closer to the kitchen. Shit.. Was that tonight?

"Babe, why is the house so clean? Are we having someone over?" He asked you, as he stood at the breakfast bar. You looked over to him and nervously smiled, "Something like that.. I thought you were coming home later."

The nervous vibe you gave off threw him off, giving him a different idea of what was going on. It wasn't that you didn't want him ti be home, it's just he hasn't met your brother and you don't know how they'll react to each other.

"Who's coming over (Y/N)?" He asked, the tone of his voice getting lower every syllable.

"Just someone. Hmm, thinking about it do you think you could pick me something up at the market? The one downtown, they have the best fruits." You blabbed, thinking of a way to get him out of here.

"Why are you trying to get me out of the apartment babe? Are you... Are you 'cheating' on me?" His fists tightened, "You are cheating on me aren't you! That's why you want me out of the house, why the apartment look the way it did when we bought it, why you won't tell me who's fucking coming over! I can't believe you (Y/N)!" He accused, shouting loudly- letting his voice boom around the apartment. Then you heard the doorbell ring, and your heart fell to the pit of your stomach.

"Who the hell are you cheating on me with?" Yoongi screams, angrily walking to the door and swung it open. There stood your brother with a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers, dressed nicely. 'Well he doesn't make this any better..' "You're cheating on me with Jin? My own group mate?" Yoongi yells, his face getting redder the angrier he get. "And Jin! You're dating my girlfriend? What the hell I thought we were close!"

You quickly mouthed an apology to your brother then tried to get Yoongi away from Seokjin- just in case he tries to punch him. "Yoonie~ If I was cheating on you, I would've chosen someone cuter and someone more my type. Plus it's sort of weird to date my 'brother'." You say to reassure the angry blonde boy.

"I knew it! You are cheating on me.. Wait what?" He looked at you then back to Seokjin, his eyes looking like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

"Y-your brother.. The one who was older and always shit his pants?" Yoongi muttered.

"Yah! I didn't always poop my pants!" Seokjin screams, dropping the flowers on to the counter.

"Yeah you did oppa." You giggle. He gave you an angry glare then looked over to Yoongi.

"So you're the one who she always talks about, the one who made her feel butterflies every time she looks at you, who makes her feel like a queen, who never makes her cry. Honestly I thought you higher look expectations (Y/N), but I'm glad I finally met you ugly boyfriend." Your brother teases, receiving a light shoulder slap in return.

"Since we're all here, why don't we have dinner together?" Yoongi suggests. Then it hit you, "Oh shit my pasta!"

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