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Walking into your dance class your eyes scan the room looking for one particular person. A smile stretches across your face as you catch your dance teacher's Jimin gaze. There's a grin on his face as well as he look at you.

Pulling your gaze away from Jimin you set your bag down against the wall before starting to stretch so you were all warmed up by the time class started. You can distinctly feel Jimin's gaze on you but you ignore it since it caused you to flush slightly, the red traveling up your face and tinging your cheeks.

Since the moment you had laid eyes on Jimin the first time you had come for a class you had sort of developed a little crush on him. A crush that only seemed to grow as you continued to take more and more classes and you got to know Jimin better but you knew that it could never work out between the two of you because of two reasons.

1) You were his student and even though Jimin was only a couple of years older than you, you were sure there were rules that he couldn't break even if he wanted to go out.

That brought up the second reason, you knew that there was no way that Jimin would go out with you. You were most definitely not his type and you didn't think he would want to go out with someone like you.

"Okay class, today we will be working on partner dances so watch closely as..." at that Jimin stops talking and looks around the room carefully. There are a few eager girls whose hands shoot up each one secretly hoping that the hot teacher would choose them but Jimin only had eyes for one girl. "Watch closely as Y/N and I demonstrate what you guys have to do."

Biting your lip nervously you make your way over to Jimin. You stand next to him waiting for him to make the first move since you had no idea what you were supposed to be doing. Jimin looks to you a single eyebrow raised and you nod softly. He smiles before slipping an arm around your waist and pulling you close to his chest.

You're pretty sure you hear sighs coming from the girls in the room and a couple of guys but you play it off instead focusing on the fact that this was the closest you had ever been to Jimin.

You follow Jimin's instructions as he leads you through a series of steps. Jimin continues to talk to the class explaining each step as you guys demonstrate it. You however are focused on making sure that you don't mess up in front of everyone, but Jimin was a wonderful teacher and he broke down each step so it was easy to understand.

Jimin ends the dance with the two of you facing one another. You look up at Jimin nervous as hell. His gaze is focused solely on you as he says, "Okay, the rest of you pair up and go through the steps by yourself before you show it to me at the end of class."

Jimin's gaze doesn't waver from yours and as everyone starts to move, finding their partners he whispers, "Do you want to stay with me?"

You nod softly and the biggest grin appears on Jimin's face. The two of you continue to practice the steps together for the rest of the class. Jimin is extremely patient with you. He's sure to correct any mistakes you make but he's also encouraging and kind which makes you like him just a little bit more.

At the end of the class Jimin makes everyone perform the routine before they are allowed to leave. His arm stays wrapped around your waist as he keeps you close to his side. You're acutely aware of the fact that Jimin's fingers were tapping to the beat of the music on your hip. You couldn't help but hold your breath every time his fingers made contact with your skin.

You and Jimin are the last to perform and when the music starts the two of you seamlessly start dancing, the steps coming naturally. Your each and every movement is graceful and delicate. Everything falls into place just right. All the other students can only watch in awe as the two of you move in sync.

As you come to a stop at the end of the routine, you stare at Jimin breathing heavily from the exercise. Jimin is staring back at you something undecipherable in his eyes. Before you know it, he's cupping your cheeks and bringing his lips to yours.

There are gasps from all around but you pay them no attention. Instead just pressing yourself closer against Jimin, one hand comes up to tangle in his hair as the other trails up to his neck. Jimin's lips are soft and you melt into them without a second thought. You had been waiting for this since the first time you had laid eyes on Jimin.

You eventually pull away but Jimin doesn't let you get too far away. He rests his forehead on yours whispering, "Hey I really like you Y/N. Do you want to maybe go out with me sometime?"

You giggle before nodding your head saying, "There is nothing I would love to do more."

Jimin gets the brightest smile on his face that you had ever seen. His arms wrap around your waist tightly and he spins you around. You laugh loudly and he sets you down only to bring his lips to yours again. The two of you forget the class that was standing there with open jaws. You instead stay in your own little world, happy to be with one another finally.

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