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Hoseok lifts his hand and is about to touch your head, but refrains as you continue crying softly into your hands. You never thought that Hoseok would break up with you, especially since you two just celebrated your 500th day together two weeks ago. Watching you cry only makes Hoseok want to cry and take back what he said earlier, but he tries his best to keep his tears in. Without a word, he gets up and leaves. He knows there's nothing he can do, so with one last glance, he closes the front door, leaving you alone.

The first few months after the break up were the worst for you. You'd just lie in your bed, wondering what you did to make Hoseok break up with you. You questioned everything and replayed the day he broke up with you over and over again. Your friends would try to cheer you up, but you wouldn't even crack a smile. They tried talking to Hoseok to understand what exactly happened, but Hoseok wouldn't say anything either. It broke his heart to hear that you weren't doing well and as much as he wanted to scoop you up into a tight hug and let you go... he knew he couldn't do that.

As a few more months passed by and you slowly got back to your normal self. You still weren't exactly over Hoseok, but you were hanging out with friends and trying to go on with your life. Your friends would push you to date or at least try flirting; you rejected them at first, but they soon convinced you to go on one cafe date with a guy, Jin.

Your friends all come over and they basically do everything for you. While getting your hair done, you touch the necklace Hoseok had given you on your 3rd date. You remember trying to return the necklace to Hoseok while you were returning his other belongings. He took back the box of his stuff, but refused to take the necklace. Don't think of it as a present from me. Think of it as a charm that will bring you luck and happiness. Your heart aches as you come back to reality. You feel yourself panic and wonder if you're really ready to move on. Your friends see you the panicked look on your face and stop. They ask you if you want to cancel the date. You want to, but you also feel bad for Jin and your friends. You shake your head and smile softly, saying you're only nervous. Your friends all grin and smile, spazzing over Jin and how cute you two will look together. An hour later, all your friends leave, wishing you an infinite amount of luck. While you wait for Jin to arrive, you nervously play with your hands. When your doorbell rings, you almost jump out of your seat. You go to greet Jin and receive a bouquet of beautiful flowers. You two leave your apartment and walk to the cafe.

At the cafe, you and Jin order your drinks and some pastry. Jin starts asking you questions about yourself which leads into a conversation. You try to add into the conversation as much as possible, but you aren't feeling any sparks between you two. Your mind keeps wandering back to Hoseok and even though you try very hard to not compare Jin with Hoseok, you end up doing so. Jin notices and doesn't want to be rude, but he feels hurt that you aren't into it like he is. He gets up, surprising you since you two arrived at the cafe barely a half hour ago. He smiles sadly and tells you to continue enjoying your pastry and coffee. You watch as he leaves and sigh. You wonder if you'll ever be able to get over Hoseok...

Hyung~ There's a cafe! Jimin can barely stay still in his seat as Hoseok pulls into the parking lot. By the time Hoseok has gotten out of the car, Jimin has already ran into the cafe to order. Hoseok chuckles lightly and makes his way into the cafe where he finds a rather jumpy jimin. Hyung! Why'd you come in? Didn't you say you were going to wait in the car? Jimin tries to block Hoseok path and thankfully he can because of his height. Hoseok furrows his brows with curiosity. Why are you so jumpy? *he laughs* I want a coffee too~ I can get it for you! Which kind do you want? Hoseok lightly pushes Jimin aside and walks over to the register, but before he even makes it, he stops.

There sitting by the window, he sees you staring off into space, mindlessly eating your pastry. Every emotion he tried to bury rushes back to him. He slowly walks toward you, staring and wondering how he could have ever let you go. You start to feel weird and look around. Your eyes scan the room and stop at Jhope. You feel your heart skip a beat. You want to get up and leave, but you're frozen in your seat. When Hoseok gets to your table, he doesn't sit down. In his eyes, you see that the pain that he also felt. You fight the urge to touch his hand. You both don't know what to do.

Hoseok breaks the silence and asks if he can sit down. You nod. Again silence falls and all you can hear is your heart beating loudly against your chest. Hoseok tries to straighten everything in his mind. He doesn't know if he should apologize or tell you he wants you back, so he tries to ease the tension. You cut your hair... You subconsciously touch your hair and nod. It looks nice on you. Hoseok smiles softly and you shift uncomfortably in your seat. You can't handle the small talk and tell Hoseok to just say what he wants to.

Okay... I want you back. I regret letting you go. I was selfish. I wanted you to live a normal life and I knew you wouldn't be able to if you were with me. Remembering how we talked about moving in together? I immediately looked for a place for us, but our manager found out. He was angry that I would even think of doing that especially with what happened to him. I didn't want to listen to him at first, but I realized he was right. Army love us and we love army, but some fans take things too far so I couldn't risk it. But now, I know that I was wrong. I shouldn't have made the decision without you. I know I hurt you and I understand if you don't want to get back together. I don't deserve your love, but I want you to know how much I regret my decision. You look at him and see that he's started crying. Your heart aches for him... You had imagined this moment countless times and each time, you had accepted him instantly. But now that it has happened, you feel hesitant. You sit silently as tears start to fall down your own face. You can feel a battle going on within your mind. Your heart says to take the chance and go back to Hoseok, but there's a nagging feeling in your mind that's telling you to be careful.


Yup, it ends just like that ^^; I wanted to try something new cause most of our scenarios usually end fluffy and happy so I wanted to try one that has an ambiguous ending. So, would you guys take Dongwoo back in an instant or would it take some time before you could accept his heart?

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