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Rap Monster

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--------IN SCHOOL having music lessons-------

' "Oh,my princess! Oh my prince! We both said at the same time as Namjoon ran forward and hugged me tightly,kissing my forehead. "I've loved you for the longest time,please be mine" he said lovingly,I nodded and our lips touched...'

"____,wake up!" Mr Woong shouted as he threw a marker at my head. "OW!" I shouted at the pain. Stupid Mr Woong,he destroyed my wonderful dream with my Namjoon,I wish I had 20 markers so I could throw them all at his head and let him experience the pain I felt...I chuckled at the thought of how epic his face would look like,kekekeke...."UH-HUM" Mr wong cleared his throat and stared at me,I looked at him and found myself standing while rubbing my head and chuckling like some kind of maniac, I sat down ashamed. "ok,I hope im having 100% attention now.So,I will be giving you all a task for the weekend.First I will be pairing you all into groups of two and you will make a powerpoint about a song that both of you like,remember,Only 1 song and you will present this song in your powerpoint slides." My classmates were all whispering in excitement and I was just sitting there with a bored face. Mr Woong then gave us each a slip of paper that had our pairings printed on it.I looked at it with a totally not interested face and tried to find my name on it. I gasped in shock when I found it, '___' & Namjoon. The girls looked fustrated when they found that they were not paired with NAmjoon and groaned in anger when they saw NAmjoon was being paired with me(Namjoon was the guy that sent every girl swooning over with his unearthly handsome face) I was so happy I really wanted to just run up to Mr Woong and kiss him on the cheek to thank him for pairing me up with Namjoon...or maybe not because my head was still hurting from the marker,but I guess its ok,at least he gave me a chance to be with my crush,yay!

"ok,so now we still have 10 minutes before school ends,I want you to discuss with your partner now."Mr Woong said. I was just about to walk towards Namjoon when I heared a "annyeong" I turned and my face was just inches away from Namjoon face. I looked at his mesmerising eyes , my heart was pounding so fast I thought it was going to explode. "I never noticed that you were so beautiful" he said and that just sent my heart beating faster.I turned away from him,blushing crazy pink. Not wanting to let him see how much I was blushing,I used my hands to cover my cheeks and asked him if he was free today,apparently he was.He asked whether I minded doing this project in his house . I wanted to say I WOULD LOVE TO GO but that would be just too weird so I just said ok.

---------------------walking to Namjoon's house----------------

We were walking to his house because his house was near. We were talking about a lot of things,about our favourite K-POP bands,our favourite foods and lots of other things.I didnt know what came over me when I asked him "what type of girls do you like?" and I immediately regretted what I asked,I wished there was a hole in the ground so I could hide inside .But sadly there wasnt.I was about to change the topic when I heard Namjoon say "a girl like you".I heard it,but I was not sure if I heard correctly so I asked "Huh?I didnt hear what you said,mind repeating?" he sighed and said "nothing", was he upset? He looked like he was really upset,for the rest of the journey,we just kept quiet,the silence was awkward. Luckily we soon reached his apartment,when I went into his house,I saw the living room...It was just like Namjoon paradise.There were lots of pictures of him hanging on the walls,even his cushions had Namjoon face printed on it,I really wanted to take one of them and hug it to sleep everynight ,I was still fantasizing when Namjoon interrupted my thoughts as he suggested "lets sit on the sofa,sooo ___,what song do you like?" Namjoon asked as he took his laptop and placed it on the table. "why don't we choose a Bigbang song since you and I both like Bigbang? " I asked as I looked at the pillow with Namjoon face on it,it looked so perfect. "Ok then,how about the song 'Lies' by Bigbang" he asked, I agreed and we started making the power point slide.

---------------------AT 9PM------------------------

I was still in Namjoon's house,we had finally finished the powerpoint slide.Not to praise myself,but we really did a great job.We had not eaten our dinner yet and so Namjoon cooked instant noodles for us as I put some finishing touches on the Powerpoint slide.The instant noodles tasted really good and I gobbled it all up.Namjoon looked at me and chuckled "look at you,you should have told me you were hungry then I would have cooked earlier" he said.I smiled sheepishly and helped him wash the dishes when we were done eating. After washing the dishes,we went out to the living room,he said he wanted to show me a game that he bought not long ago, before I left. I said ok and sat on the couch,I closed my eyes trying not to sleep while waiting for Namjoon to find his game in his bedroom.

--------------the confession at 9.14PM----------

I was about to doze off to sleep when I felt a hand touching my cheek,that must have been NAmjoon's hand.I was about to open my eyes when a thought struck my head - 'Maybe I shouldn't,it would be really awkward' so I decided to pretend to be asleep. "___ ,I think...I love you. I know you may not feel the same way but I was happy when Mr woong placed us in the same group,I could finally have a chance to be close with you,to do something with you together." I couldn't take it anymore and opened my eyes big and wide and stared at him. He looked shocked, "wer..werent you asleep?"he asked as he looked at me looking a little embarrassed. I didnt know what to say,I just felt so shy,should I say that I loved him too? "I...I...I guess I was asleep,and uuh by the way I think I....like you too!" as I said the last three words,I took my bag and ran out of his apartment smiling to myself.

-------------------Monday MUSIC LESSON---------

It was time for Namjoon and my presentation.He placed the flashdrive in the computor and finally our powerpoint slides appeared. When we were done presenting.we thanked our classmates for listening attentively.I was about to go back to my seat when I heard my classmates gasping and pointing at the powerpoint slide.Wasn't the powerpoint slide over already? I didnt remember a fifth slide...I looked back and I gasped,on the powerpoint slide was a sentence'___' WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND? I LOVE YOU <3

I looked at Namjoon in surprise.He was on his knees with a rose, "so? will you be my girlfriend?" he asked as he smiled sweetly at me.I thought the girls would be boo-ing at us by now but it was the exact opposite,they were all shouting "say yes,say yes,say yes" I blushed bright pink and nodded shyly.He jumped for joy and hugged me tightly,whispering by my ear "I love you". Mr woong told us to get back to our seats,spoiling the moment AGAIN. He just smiled awkwardly,the class laughed as they clapped for us. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I looked back,Namjoon's and my face touched,so did our lips.I blushed and pulled away.Namjoon flashed a cute but devilish smile. I couldnt help but blush even more.

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