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You woke up from the rays of sunlight that leaked through the blinds. You squinted as you lifted your head only to feel a heavy weight on top of you. Your brows creased in confusion as you turned your head to see that it was only the left arm of your boyfriend, Jin that was wrapped around your waist. You smiled to yourself as you carefully turned around so that you were facing him with your back to the window.

You fell captivated as you admired your charming boyfriend as the light captured his angelic face so perfectly. You trailed his features from his long eyelashes to his flawless nose across his cheekbones, down to his sharp jaw-line. You smiled to yourself feeling extremely lucky that he was yours and only yours.

Hearing your smile, Jin smiled as well, "done staring ?" He asked.

Your expression dropped but you laughed, "when'd you wake up ?" You asked with a frown.

He opened his eyes and showed an amused smile, "does it matter ?" He asked playfully, "all that matters is that you were caught staring." He teased.

You frowned cutely and embarrassedly lifted the blanket up covering your face. Jin chuckled and propped himself on top of you as he tried to pry the blanket away.

"Awh, come on, babe. I was joking." He laughed, "I'll tell you a secret, a very special secret," he said hyping your curiosity.

You peeked from under the blanket and up at your angelic boyfriend on top of you, "what is it ?"

He smiled in victory, "come out and I'll tell you."

You shook your head, "tell me and I'll come out."

He chuckled, "you promise ?" You nodded and he gave in. "Before you woke up I secretly watched you too. I especially enjoyed the show when you mumbled, 'Jin, I love you.'" He teased and you groaned covering your head with the blanket again as he laughed.

"Ah, I hate you," you whined as you tried to push him off you.

He laughed and quickly pulled the blanket off revealing your cute morning face, "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, you are too cute." He confessed kissing your nose. You jokingly winced and acted as if you didn't want his kiss.

He playfully eyed you, "don't want my kiss, huh ?" He asked no one in particular.

"Then you shall receive them all over," he said as he began giving you small kisses all over your face.

"Ah, Jin, stop," you said before giggling from the ticklish feeling.

He smiled, "nope. Not. Until. You. Say. You. Love. Me." He said in-between kisses.

You grinned yet cringed from his ticklish kisses, "no, not a chance." You replied trying your best to fight his kisses.

He smirked and continued to kiss you but this time he moved to your sensitive areas around your neck and you gasp, "ah, no, Jin, okay, okay. I'll say it !" You surrendered so early.

"Okay," he said nonchalantly but continued to give you sweet kisses and pecking your lips every now and then. "I'm. Waiting." He said and you groaned.

"Jin, how many- ow !" You said as he lightly bit your cheek. "Jin ~ " You whined and he laughed.

"You didn't say it," he smiled looking at you as he used his elbows to hover himself above you.

You pouted and placed a hand on the cheek that he bit. He softened and sent you that shy angelic smile of his as he leaned down slowly, "since you're being so shy this morning... I'll say it, I lo-" he began but your hand that was holding your cheek seconds before held his neck as you leaned forward/up (?) and you gently pulled him down pressing your lips against his, catching him by surprise.

His big eyes were even bigger before he finally realized your actions and smiled into the kiss. However before he had the chance to kiss you back, you pulled away from the kiss and sent him your sweetest eye smile, "I love you." You admitted and he shook his head with a lost for words smile plastered across his face.

"Aish, what are we gonna do with you ?" He playfully teased as he leaned his head against yours and closed his eyes resting in that position for a while before he moved his head up and kissed your forehead.

"Come on, we've played in bed for too long already," he said taking your hand pulling you up.

"Ew," Jimin mumbled from the door causing you two to chuckle.

Jin laughed, "another reason why we should get out of bed, so Jimin  doesn't have to eavesdrop." He said opening the door and revealing an anxious Jimin sitting on the door with a cup.

You smiled down at him, "morning, Chimchim, you're up quite early aren't you ?"

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