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Suga Part 2

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"I'm home" Yoongi informed to an empty apartment. Everything was quiet, not a single sound. It was almost too quiet. He was used to how you would greet him everytime he got home. The silence made him a little scared, what if something had happend to you?

"Y/N-ah" Yoongi searched for you through the whole apartment until he saw the letter you left behind on your shared bed.

"No, no, no. This is not good" he muttered before he took up the letter with shaky hands. And then he started to read.

Yoongi felt numb, he felt nothing. It was like his heart didn't work anymore. It was like his whole world collapsed.

You left? You really left? Of course you left. He has been the biggest ásshole in the world and yet he took you for granted.

He did see how hurt you were. He saw that he was the one that hurt you, day in and day out. Of course you would leave.

But you couldn't leave now, not now when he knew that he liked you more and more for everyday that went by. Why did you have to leave now?

What if you had stayed a little longer, just a little. Then maybe, he would grow up and actually make the right decision. Choose the right girl for himself.

He would make you happy, he would make it up to you. All those years that he had been nothing but the biggest fúcktard. He would finally have the chance to make it up to you.

But he let you go... and it was nothing he could do, it was too late.

You didn't answer your phone and it was still raining. What if something happend to you? Yoongi buried his face in his hands before he let out a loud growl.

"FÚCKING HELL" He shouted and kicked the first thing he saw, the desk. He then threw all the things that was on it onto the floor while he shouted your name, over and over again.

When he had calmed down a bit, his phone started to ring. Fishing it up from his pocket, he answered it without looking who it was. He only had one person in mind and it was you.

"Y/N? Where are you, please come home. Please, I'm so sorry. Ju-just, please come home" he said and let out a sob.

"Is this Y/N Y/L/N's relative?" a voice said. Yoongi had seen this in movies and this was not good. It always ended up terrible.

He started to shake due the anxiety he was feeling.

"Yes, I-I'm her boyfriend"

"Y/N has been in an accident and have to go through a surgery because of her damages. We would appreciate it if you or her family were here beside her at this very difficult moment. We are at *hospital name*-"

The man that talked didn't need to say more because Yoongi was already on his way. Tears made it blurry for him to see. But he didn't care, heck he didn't give a fúck about the world anymore.

You, he only cared about you. You were the most important person for him right now. His heart belonged to you, his mind kept thinking about you, he missed you.

"Y/N, don't do this to me... " he whispered and drove even faster.

When he arrived the first thing he did was run. Run to you. Run to the girl that did everything for him. Run to the girl he fell in love with.

He wa running through the hospital until he saw the boys in front of a room. A surgery room where you were in.

"Y/N, where is she? Where is she? DAMN IT, ANSWER ME!!!!" Yoongi shouted, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Hyung, calm down! She will be fine, please calm down" Jungkook rushed to his side with the others boys while they tried to comfort him. But how could he calm down when you were in there, going through hell because of him?

"I'll never forgive myself if anything happens to her" Yoongi cried and sank down on the floor. Jungkook and the boys kept comforting him by rubbing his back. They tried to talk to him but nothing could make him calm and in the end, Yoongi's sobs were the only sound that could be heard.

While they all waited for you, Yoongi thought back to the times he had hurt you the most. Which only made his heart break more.


Hari had called him for the first time since he was a trainee. She had called him in the middle of your date together. He had excused himself and answered the phone call without hesitation.

He would be lying if he said that he cared about you more than Hari at that time. It would be the biggest lie of all time, because the truth was, he cared for Hari more than you, more than himself. At that time, he could do anything for her.

So that was what he did. He left you there in the middle of your first date to go to Hari.

~Another flashback~

"I have to go see Hari. I think she caught a cold" he had said.

You were lying there on the couch with high fever but he had left you there by yourself for a whole day and went to Hari's place.

Hari wasn't even sick, she was just bored but he found himself stay there with her. Forgetting about his own girlfriend who was sick at home.

It was 3 days after the surgery and you were still unconscious. Yoongi has been by your side the whole time, holding your hand and never letting it go.

"Yoongi?" your voice woke him up from his little sleep. Yoongi looked up and saw that you were awake. Your eyes were finally opening and he couldn't be happier.

"You woke up. Y/N... you woke up" Yoongi whispered and squeezed your hand in his.

"Where am I? What happend? What are you doing here?" you asked, confused and looked down and your intertwined hands.

You tried to let go of his hand but it only made him fasten it's grip onto your hand.

"Please don't. Don't leave me again. Don't do this me, Y/N. I'm sorry. I love you. Please don't let go of my hand. Don't let go of me because I will never let you go, again"

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