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"It was really fun meeting your group members! They were so nice!" you said and hopped into bed with your pajamas. A few moments ago you came back home after you had visited the dormitory of the Bangtan members. Jimin had forgotten his phone there so you went there with him a) to keep him company during the way there and b) to meet his friends.

You snuggled into the bedsheets and looked at him get into the bed as well. He came close to you but didn't cuddle nor hold your hand - things that he usually did. "Yeah" he murmured and closed his eyes. "Is there something wrong?" you asked, really confused of his actions. He sighed and took your hand into his surprisingly cold one. "I just-" he sighed "-I just feel like I lost all of my confidence when they started talking with you" he finished his sentence. You could clearly tell he was at loss of words not that he was the most verbally armed person anyways. "What do you mean?" you automatically asked, not even taking the time to process why he would've felt like that. "I don't know, you were just talking about things you've never talked about with me" he said and you could now tell how jealous he was - not in an aggressive way but really weak and hurt way. He hadn't said anything when you were there because he didn't have the courage to just leave with you so quickly, afraid that you didn't want to leave because 'you were having so much fun'.

He held your hand in his now and anxiously drew meaningless things onto your skin with his fingertips. "I'm sorry" he said which caught you by surprise, there wasn't anything that he should apologise for? "For what?" you asked and felt his pulse from his hand get louder. He took a minute of silence and whispered, his voice almost cracking: "For not being perfect". You took your hand out of his and looked at him in shock."I'm sorry for not being everything you want, I'm trying really hard and I hope you'd see how -" You got really worried when he said so and the first words to come out of your mouth were a bunch of no's. "You- You're literally everything I need and want. You're the most perfect person to me even though your morning breath stinks and you might leave the toilet seat cover up but you're perfect to me" you explained, sort of panicking that he was feeling like he wasn't enough for you. You knew he had battled with low self-esteem before but he had really learned how to love himself with you. He was closemouthed for a while and then chuckled: "Your morning breath smells worse" which caused you to sigh out of relief, a few tears falling down your cheeks. The amount of shock you were in when he said basically thought that you didn't love him was unbearable. He wiped off your tears "______ hey, please don't cry, even I didn't cry" he said and tried to lighten the mood.

A smile appeared on your face as you curled up next to him, showing him your affection. You knew that he'd still be thinking about your words for a long time even though he acted as if the episode was over - he was just like that, a person who is sensitive and needs a lot of loving.

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