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The day of the long awaited date you had planned as a treat for how hard your boyfriend has been working ever since his debut finally came and he was more than excited, spamming you with texts messages as soon as he touched down from a flight back from Japan telling you he was on his way to your place but at the miserable state you were in right now, you kinda wish he wasn't back this early cos yeah, receiving thirty notifications of his one worded text messages telling you how he couldn't wait to see you would've been cute...if you weren't dealing with the wrath of your period.

"Baby, I'm home!" The voice of the person you so terribly needed echoed in the hallway.

Instead of scurrying to jump on him like you usually do, he was instead greeted by the sound of faint whimpering coming from the bedroom.

"I'm here..." You called out weakly as he walked into the room to see you curled into a ball with a hot pack on your belly. "Come quick I need you."

"You need me?" He chuckled, recognising the familiar scene that never failed to unfold before him on a monthly basis.

He climbed onto the bed and wrapped his arms around you, smooching you with kisses on your face which only earned him a glare from you, making him even more amused.

"What? You said you needed me...!"

You sulked, evidently not in the mood for fun and games, "We both know I didn't mean it that way..."

He sighed in defeat, pulling you into his arms as he laid down beside you before rubbing your arms, lips against your temple as he murmured against your skin, "Does it really hurt that bad?"

"Yeah...my back's aching too, and- ugh I just feel and look like crap," You told him.

"No you don't..." He cooed, sweeping stray strands of hair away from your face. "C'mon I'll give you a massage."

You then moved to sit cross legged in front of him, inevitably groaning for a bit each time the cramps hit you harder with each movement before he started massaging your shoulders, then took his time to work his way down to your lower back. You relaxed into his touches, closing your eyes as you leaned your head back to which he responded by dotting a kiss on your nose.

"Are you hungry? Do you want some hot tea or anything?" He asked.

"No, not really," You replied but he got off the bed nevertheless, causing you to protest almost immediately. "Where are you goingggg??? Come back... I don't need you to get anything..."

"I'm just gonna get something to drink..." He reasoned, a little flustered. Just a few minutes ago you were smiling against his kisses and the next thing he knew you were whining on the bed.

"Well you can drink mine...periods are not contagious," You said, pointing at your mug on the bedside table and all he could do was shake his head, speechless.

He let you snuggle up against him, you lying between his legs with your back resting against his chest while his legs cocooned you. He then offered to massage your belly where you told him was hurting and for a while the both of you just stayed like that, your eyes fluttering close as you enjoyed the comfort that the warmth and careful touches his hands provided.

It was only when about ten minutes passed when you realised Hoseok had been silent and you took a peek at him, wondering what he was up to.

"What?" He laughed, looking down at you.

"Nothing," You giggled, placing your hands on top of his that were still massaging you.

"Feeling better?"

"Mhmm," You nodded, then sat up and snuggled up beside him. "Thank you...and sorry for being so whiny and shit..."

"It's okay," He reassured you before deciding to tease you for a bit. "Just...you know, me coming home straight from the airport without even getting to change into some comfy clothes before my girlfriend turns me into her personal slave instead of bringing me on that date she promised me...no biggie."

"Hey...I'm really sorry...I'll make it up to you once I feel better, I promise...!" You said, starting to feel genuinely bad now that you were feeling better although you knew he didn't mean it.

"It's fine, it's fine, I was just kidding don't worry about it, I know it definitely wasn't part of your plan for this to happen," He chuckled, hugging you closer to him. "We can go on that date another time. Besides, cuddling in bed's pretty nice."

"I'm still sorry...thank you though, and I'm really glad you're back," You said, looking deep into his eyes.

"Since when did this become such a serious conversation..." He laughed, revealing his toothy grin while his eyes turned into thin inverted crescents and you knew you were home, home felt like home whenever he was home and at times like this you really appreciated how patient and loving your boyfriend was

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