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You were currently making dinner in the kitchen as you catiously looked out the window every now and then checking up on your 5 year old daughter playing outside.

"Ahh, mommy!" Your little girl squealed with a laugh outside.

"Yes, baby?" You called back your eyes on the pot you were currently stirring.

"Ah, nothing," she said and you could hear her adorable grin in her voice. "It was just an ant." She lied making you smile.

She was like you in every way except that she had Taehyung box smile, his small lips, his soothing voice, and his sweet laugh. Just thinking about him made you smile. It's been 3 days since he's last been home because they were busy promoting in U.S but you were okay with that, you knew being in a relationship with an idol would be difficult and sometimes lonely but when you were pregnant with Seohyun and he didn't leave you, you knew he was the one.

"Seohyun, what are you doing?" You asked when you realized that her silence was all too strange.

She giggled, "nothing, mommy."

Your brows creased and you stepped away from the stove to check on her when your turned around only to be envelped into a warm embrace. Inhaling his scent you knew who it was.

"You're home," you smiled against his shoulder and hugged him close.

He pulled away and planted a sweet kiss on your lips making your daughter Seohyun giggle.

"Hrm, daddy are you done, yet?" She asked cutely peeking from her palm.

Taehyung pulled away and chuckled along with you, "not quite, sweetheart."

You laughed and lightly pushed him away as you attention went back to your pot on the stove.

He chuckled and looked down at your daughter, "okay, daddy's done." Taehyung assured and she moved her hand away grinning at her dad.

"Dinner's almost finished why don't you two go play for a while?" You suggested and Seohyun beamed taking her daddy's hand.

"Come here, appa. I want to show you something." And with that they were off.

Few minutes later Taehyung came walking down the stairs wearing a crown, and you playfully eyed him with an amused smile on your face. As he turned around properly and bowed, keeping his bow until your daughter descended down the stairs. You crossed your arms and watched the pair amusedly. Taehyung kept his bowing position until your daughter had turned his back on him and he stood up straight sending you a wink and quietly following her.

"Mummy, would you like to join us for tea?" Seohyun asked in Bristish accent (which I don't even think is possible but just go along with it ;) LOL).

You smiled, "I'd love to... but that'd have to wait until dinner, okay?"

After dinner it was about time Seohyun took a bath and got ready for bed.

"Alright, Seohyun, it's time for your bath." You stated as you began clearing the table.

"But mommy, you said-"

Taehyung got up and went to pick up Seohyun from her seat, "Seohyun, listen to your mother." He warned.

And she sighed in defeat, "arasso."

"I'll take care of her you finish up down here, alright?" He said walking over to you and pecking your lips softly.

You smiled and nodded, "arasso. Seohyun, I'll see you upstairs, okay?"

She nodded and waved to you as Taehyung carried her up away and up the stairs. You quickly cleaned the table all of the dishes going into the sink and you wiped down the table. After doing the dishes you wiped your hands and sweeped the floor before turning off the lights and heading upstairs. You made your way into Seohyun's room and found Taehyung reading her a book. You stopped at the doorway and leaned against the doorframe watching them. Although Taehyung was away most of the time she and Taehyung had a close relationship almost like your relationship with her.

"And they lived happily ever after," TAehyung finished. "Alright, it's past your bed time sweetheart. You need to go to bed before your mom finds out."

You smiled at Taehyung's attempt of threatening her but still kept quiet. Your daughter laid in her bed as Taehyung helped tucked her in and handed her, her favorite deer plushie that she named Lulu, after her favorite uncle luhan of course.

"Daddy, I don't ever want to get married." Seohyun spoke softly her eyes slowly closing on their own.

Taehyung expression fell, "oh, why not sweetheart?"

"Because I want to always live with you and mommy," you daughter adorably answered Taehyung.

"Whenever you're not home mommy smiles but, daddy, I know she's lonely; I can feel it. I don't ever want to leave her."

You walked up to her and gently brushed her hair back, "sweetie, one day you're going to grow up and meet a boy that you're going to love dearly." You informed as you placed your hand over Taehyung's and he smiled understanding that you felt that with him.

"But I promise you when you go and get married mommy won't be lonely-"

"Because she has me," Taehyung assured. "By the time you're all grown and you do get married, daddy won't be gone anymore."

With that you leaned and kissed him softly on the lips making Seohyun smile, "daddy, can you sing me a song?"

Taehyung smiled and pulled you into his arms as you sat against his chest and he swayed back and forth while singing with his sweet voice.

He stopped singing and kissed your head, "I love you."

You were tracing random shapes on his palms and you smiled, "I love you too." You faintly spoke before he helped you up. You fixed your clothes and leaned down to kiss Seohyun's head.

"Goodnight, baby. Mommy, loves you." You whispered moving so Taehyung could have his turn.

He leaned down and kissed her head, "Goodnight and thank you, sweetheart. Because of you... your mommy won't ever be lonely when I'm not around." He smiled softly and fixed the blanket around Seohyun.

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