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Three days before Christmas. All the streets were illuminated. There were tinsel, Christmas trees, holly... It was beautiful. You've always loved this period. It reminded you your childhood. When you were innocent and naive. When you believed in Santa and fairies. But you still believed in the latter. It made you dream. Especially Tinkerbell...

The snow began to fall for a few days and you were delighted. For you, snow was the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. It was magic.

You were quietly sitting on your sofa, reading a book, when Jungkook suddenly called you. You picked up the phone, sighing. "Wae ?"

"Is that a way to answer?"

"I don't care. What do you want?"

"I want to see you. Now."


"Because I miss you."

"Hm. And if I refuse?"

"You won't refuse."

"And wae?"

"Yah! Stop this!"


"-sigh- We'll meet in front of the Bubble Tea Shop."


You hung up and sighed again. Why did you have to meet him... Why did he always win... Maybe it was because he was so cute and looked like a child. And you were too tired to protest. You dressed up warm, wrapping yourself up in a big white scarf. Then, you left your flat and walked to the Bubble Tea Shop.

After ten minutes, you finally arrived in front of the shop. Jungkook was already here, with his pretty beany and his long scarf, blowing on his hands to warm it up. When did he become so pretty? He looked like an angel. You shook your head to stop thinking about it. Then, you joined him, calling "Jungkook! I'm here!" He turned round and as he saw you, he frowned. "I already told you to call me Oppa!"

"I don't want!" you replied, sticking your tongue out at him.

"Yah! ______! If I catch you!..."

You began to run, laughing. You were fine, here, with this child running after you under the snow. After a few minutes, you stopped running, breathless. You turned round but you didn't see Jungkook. You looked all around you but he wasn't here. Where did this immature go? You began to search him, calling his name but you still didn't find him.

Suddenly, frozen hands covered your eyes and someone said, with a deep voice "Who is it?"



"Jungkook, I know it's you."

"No. It's Oppa. Repeat after me: O-ppa!"

"Jungkook, stop being childish, please... you said, delivering you from his arms."

Why was he always like that? How old was he? Five? Three? You looked at him, desperate. "jungkook, we aren't children anymore, you know..."

"I know. But I can't help being like this. Sorry."

He put his head down. He looked sad and you felt guilty. "Jungkook, I didn't say it to hurt you... I'm sorry Jungkook..."

"I don't want to forgive you."

"Jungkook please! I'm really really sorry!"

"No, it's too late."

After these words, Jungkook began to walk, turning away from you and leaving you alone. Your eyes filled by tears, you shouted. "Oppa!"

Jungkook stopped abruptly. Then, he turned round and asked you with a large smile. "What did you just say?"


You blushed and put your head down. Why did you become so shy? You hated this... Jungkook went back to you and hugged you, whispering to you. "I love you my Tinkerbell~"

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