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You had promised yourself long ago that you wouldn't put your parents through this unless you were absolutely sure it was going to be worth it. You didn't want to be that child who brought home guy after guy, but Jimin was different. You were sure he was the one and that this trip would be worth it.

"Just don't say anything rude or sarcastic." You told Jimin as you parked the car outside of your house. Jimin was sitting nervously in the passenger seat, his hands running through his hair obsessively as he stressed over meeting your parents.

"What if your dad hates me? He doesn't have a gun right?"

"Not that I know of." But you shrugged, making JImin groan. You laughed at him and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

"Don't worry about it. My dad can smell fear." You said seriously before exiting the car. Jimin groaned again before getting out and following you to the front of the house. You rang the doorbell and heard your mom's light but quick footsteps before the door unlocked and was swung open.

"Hello!" Your mom said in a sing-song voice. You smiled.

"Hi mama." You said as you walked through the door to give her an embrace.

"Mom, this is Jimin. JImin this is my mom." You said and your mom gave Jimin a hug, taking him by surprise at first, but he easily recovered, returning the hug.

"So nice to finally meet you Jimin!" Your mom said. You were thankful she didn't add the cliched, 'We've heard so much about you.'

You heard a heavy, slow set of footsteps and then you saw your father as he approached you guys. He was smiling at you subtly.

"Hi daddy!" You said as you went up to him. He embraced you in a gentle hug.

"Daddy, this is Jimin." You said, looking between the two men. Jimin hurried over to your dad and stuck his hand out.

"It's nice to meet you sir." Jimin said, with the steadiest voice he could muster. Your dad looked at him for a second before extending his hand and grabbing Jimins. The two shook and you hoped Jimin remembered to give a firm handshake. Your dad hated weak men.

"Likewise Jimin." Your dad said emotionlessly. He released Jimin's hand, but remained looking at him. You watched as the two stared each other down before Jimin remembered he brought gifts.

"Oh right! Mrs.____, I bought these for you." He said, turning towards your mother and lifting up the flowers he had.

"Oh! Thank you so much Jimin. They're beautiful!" Your mom said before walking away with the flowers. "I'm going to put these in a vase." She said happily. Jimin turned towards your dad and lifted up the bag in his hand.

"And this is for you sir." Jimin said. Your dad took the bag hesitantly before looking inside. His eyes bulged out for a second before he lifted out his favorite bottle of alcohol from the bag.

"Thank you Jimin. That's very kind of you. Why don't we go pop this open and have a chat in the living room." Your dad said before turning around and walking towards the living room.

"Good job Honey!" You whispered to Jimin, who let out a seemingly long held breath.

"That was terrifying! He hurt my hand." Jimin said, shaking out the hand he used to shake your father's.

"Suck it up. He's not that bad once you get to know him. He's just intimidating at first." you told him, taking his hand and kissing it. He smiled at you and nodded.

"Ok. For you." He said and you both walked to the living room. Your father had opened the bottle and had poured himself a drink. When you two entered your dad looked at Jimin and stood up.

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