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You watched as the stylist fixed your makeup and hair. Today's your very first solo photoshoot without your group members. Well, it wasn't really a solo photo shoot. You were told that you will be joined by a male idol but didn't know who it was. You decided not to ask so that it would come as a surprise to you.

The stylist had dressed you in a simple tank top and pyjama shorts. You had very little makeup on and had sexy bed hair since the concept was "A Day at Home". You decided to meet the director to have a better idea of the shoot. As you approached the director, you noticed that there was another man who was with him. He looks too familiar. Perfectly tousled bed hair, basic tee and pyjama pants - even in this outfit, he looked exceptionally good looking.

"Oh, (Y/N) hi!" he turned around and gave you his signature eye smile. That was when your heart started beating even faster. Park Jimin, why do you still make me feel this way?

You knew Park Jimin from your trainee days. Before you moved to your current company, you were a trainee under Big Hit. Both of you were very good friends, often train and spend time together, sometimes with his group members too. You would also confide in him about your problems. He takes really good care of you. Because of these little actions, it made you fall for him. But you didn't want to continue with those feelings because he was getting close to debuting and you didn't want to burden him with how you felt. So the moment you had to move to another company, you took it as an opportunity to let the feelings fade. But looks like the feelings had always been there.

The director rushed both of you to start work immediately so you didn't had time to talk to one another. He had gotten both of you to pose in bed together. Your head was resting on his chest while he had his arm around you. You could hear your heartbeats ringing in your ears. The cameraman started snapping away and giving directions. You could feel his eyes piercing right at you, as if they were pleading for you to look at him. When you did, your eyes locked and it felt as if everything stopped moving. You missed looking into his eyes. Behind them, you could feel that that young boy whom you fell for is still there.

The director was very impressed with the progress that you were making. He quickly got both of you to get ready for the next set. As time goes by, both of you became more comfortable and a little more intimate. There was so much skinship involved. There was a where he had enveloped you with a blanket. It made you so nervous. You could also feel his heartbeats pounding against your back. Was he as nervous as you were?

You were finally shooting your last shot. You were sitting on a table, he had his arms wrapped around your waist while yours were wrapped around his neck. Your faces were so close that you could feel him breathing against your lips. It still made you feel super nervous.

The photographer suddenly put his camera down and announced that you should do a kissing shot in that position. You were shocked by his sudden direction. A kissing shot with Park Jimin? You weren't sure if you were ready for it.

"Don't be so tense. It's just me," Jimin whispered as he rubbed circles on your waist.

That's the thing - how can you not be nervous when you have to kiss the boy you had so many feelings for?

The photographer began shooting again, awaiting for that moment. You couldn't look at him. He turned your head so that you would be facing him. His hand cupped your cheek and leaned in for a kiss. You felt your feelings being poured out in that moment. He slowly let go and rested his forehead against yours with a grin spread across his face.

"I've been waiting to do that for a very long time," he whispered then gave you another quick peck.

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