Jimin Part 1

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He would get really drunk and yell at you. Calling you all names that he could come up with. Just because you went out with your best friend, Jeon Jungkook. Which also happend to be Jimin's best friend. His jealousy was too much, he didn't even think twice before he accused you for cheating on him with his own best friend.

So that was what happend. A drunk Jimin, a very confused Jungkook and a very annoyed Y/N never ended well.

"So you mean that every friend of yours who happens to be boys, drive you home like that after a day out?!" Jimin snapped making you flinch a bit. "Does a taken girl even go out with other boys? NO! Y/N, you're my girlfriend! You can't just go out like you're the most single lady on this fúcking planet!" He continued, turning red because of the anger.

You would usually just ignore him because you knew that he was drunk but this time was not like that. Jungkook stood there, watching Jimin embarrass both himself and you. It was not acceptable.

"Do you even know what you're talking about right now, Park Jimin?" you asked and took a step towards him. You knew Jimin was a good person, when he was sober. But when he drank, he almost turnrd into another person.

"Of course I know! Do you think I'm stupid? You know who's stupid?! You are, Y/N!" he raised his voice making you clench your jaw. You hated men who couldn't control their anger.

"Just fúcking stop. I'm going to walk Jungkook to his car" You said shortly, not even caring about that it made Jimin madder, if it was even possible.

You gave Jungkook an apologetic look before glaring at Jimin and walking out after Jungkook who bowed his head at Jimin and walked out before you. You didn't even get the chance to walk more than 5 steps before you were being dragged in to the house again by the strong grip that Jimin had around your wrist.

"What the hell?! Let go of me, you idiot!" You shouted at him and tried to take his hand of your wrist.

"Shut the fúck up!" Jimin snapped and slammed again the door and locking it. You starred at him, opened mouthed. He said what?

"Let go of my wrist before I do something that I will not regret" you warned and gave him a serious look. Jimin ignored you and before you knew it you were pushed backwards to a wall. Making your head bumb against it.

"WHAT THE FÚCK ARE YOUR FÚCKING PROBLEM, PARK JIMIN?!" you shouted at him and the anger you felt towards him made the pain from your head go away. You didn't care anymore, this was too much, he was being overdramatic.

"MY PROBLEM IS THAT YOU ARE ACTING LIKE THE BIGGEST BITCH ALIVE" he shouted back before slamming his fist against the wall, next to your pounding head.

Your anger was now replaced with worry and fear. How could he be so stupid to actually do that to himself.

"Jimin, you're hurting yourself. Stop it" you said and grabbed his injured hand in yours.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" he shouted at you, making you jump away from him. He looked away and clenched his hands into fists. "Take your things and go. I don't want to see you. Ever. Again." he said calmer this time.

You looked at him carefully and tried to find at least a sign that showed that he was just kidding. But to your disappointment, he was dead serious.

"Jimin-ah, you- you're drunk, let's talk about this tomorrow, yeah?" you asked and tugged at his arms. The tears was falling one by one, slowly but heavily down your cheeks.

He didn't even bother to look at you, the only reaction you got from him was his deep breaths.

"I want you to get out of here before tomorrow morning, you understand me?" he asked you, still not meeting your eyes.

"No, I don't understand you. Why are you doing this to me and yourself? You're drunk and stupid. Don't say things you'll regret" You said and wiped away your tears.

"I won't regret this"

At that very moment, you thought your world disappeared. Those words that came out from his mouth like they didn't mean anything. Words that he said like it was a simple hello. Words that killed you deep inside, words that made your heart break into thousand pieces.

You bite your lips and closed your eyes, taking deep breaths.

"Why?" you asked weakly.

"Because I can't live with you anymore! You were the biggest mistake in my life. You just fúck everything up and I don't want that in my life"

You starred at him with tears in your eyes before letting out a humorless laugh. A big mistake? That was what you were to him. The biggest mistake in his life.

Jimin looked at you and for one second, you thought his eyes told you that he regretted everything. But in the next second, they were back to the dark ones with hatred and disgust.

He walked past you and to your shared bedroom, slamming the door hard behind himself, leaving you there in the darkness of the living room.

Feelings that could describe how you were feeling right there would be, heartbroken, broken generally, empty, numb and a big pain.

You sat there, in the spot where it all happend in several hours. Through the night. And it was until you saw that the clock showed 4 in the morning that you got up and went to the bedroom.

Opening the door carefully, you walked in and saw him asleep on the bed. You bit your bottom lip hard, not trusting yourself. Just looking at him hurt. You should feel angry but you just felt pain. Maybe because the pain was too big for you. Too big that the other feelings didn't mean anything anymore.

You walked with carefully steps to the closet and started to pack all your belongings. Leaving everything that wasn't yours to begin with, which was almost everything. Clothes, shoes, perfumes, jewelries, bags that he bought for you while he were on tour with the boys. You left all of them.

Kneeling down beside him on the bed, you brushed his bangs away from his eyes and looked at his face. The face you loved to wake up to. The face that you got used to, the face that could do one of your bad days to the best day of your life.

You didn't notice when the tears that you tried so hard to keep inside, were literally flowing down like a river. Some landed on his cheeks and some on his red lips.

Will you regret this?

Will you miss me?

Will you fall out of love with me?

Will you make me come back?

Will you make me yours again?

Looking down at the ring on your ring finger, you smiled weakly and remebered the night he gave it to you. It was a promise ring. A ring with promises. Promises about your strong love for each other. Promises about the future. Promises about you and him.

Taking it off, you placed a kiss on it and grabbed his hand in yours.

"Be happy, Park Jimin" you whispered and placed the promise ring in his hand. You gave him one last kiss on the cheek before standing up with your bag and leaving, just as he wanted.

Will you promise me one thing?

Don't forget about our promises.

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