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You hoped with every fiber of your being that your heartbeat didn't sound as irregular as it was. The stethoscope lay against your chest as you attempted to breathe deeply and slowly, your clasped hands resting in your lap as your doctor listened intently to the thumping of your heart. Checkups with your doctor usually left you blushing like a tomato.

Your doctor was someone you liked but despised at the same time, his name happened to be Taehyung, but he told you to call him Doctor V. He had caramel colored hair and alluring eyes that stared at you from behind a pair of glasses that rested on his nose. Not only was he very kind and dorky at the same time, he also knew what he was doing and was very smart, which was something you heavily admired. You had fallen so incredibly infatuated with him, but the only problem was that he was your doctor. You had absolutely no idea whether or not he was married or even interested in you - his only job was to monitor your health and prescribe drugs to you, not ask about your personal life. You had the biggest crush on him ever since you started to see him, however, you felt so awkward liking him due to the fact it was such a random attraction. He was currently measuring your heartbeat as you sat on the examining table and swung your legs back and forth, feeling chills run up your spine as his hand slipped underneath your shirt. His cold fingers trailed up your back so that he could feel your heartbeat and when you looked up at his face, you could see that his warm eyes were clouded with concentration and his eyebrows were furrowed together.

He nodded his head slowly as his fingers trailed back down your back and removed the medical instrument from your body, then jotting a few things down on his clipboard while he spun around slightly on his spinney stool. You stared at him as he stood up and moved over to a drawer, removing plastic gloves and slapping them onto his hands, turning to you with a smile. "Are you afraid of shots?" He asked softly, a hint of teasing hidden within his deep voice as you laughed softly and hesitated before nodding your head slowly. It wasn't that you were afraid of them, but you merely didn't enjoy them. Needles made you feel queasy and the idea of something entering your bloodstream caused your stomach to do flip flops. Doctor V carefully removed a needle and a vile after writing a few more things before prepping your shot and cautiously walking over to you. He saw the color drain from your face slightly and that caused him to take your hand gently as he wiped your shoulder with a wipe and gently drew circles into your palm to calm you down. "It's okay, you won't feel a thing."

His voice was soft and he stayed true to his word as he inserted the shot into your shoulder and quickly prepared a band-aid straight afterwards, pressing it to the small red dot appearing on your skin before discarding of the needle. He announced that he was done and then began to explain that he had just inserted your flu shot into you, and that would cause you to come down with the flu quite soon. He was going to give you medicine that would lessen the impact of the illness, but you should prepare to feel sick and maybe take another trip into his office during the week. You could pick up the medicine after he picked it up for you specially and would give it to you at your next meeting. You listened carefully and nodded your head before you attempted to hop off the examination table, finding your legs to be a little weak after the needles. You stumbled slightly and Doctor V instantly went forward to scoop you up and hold onto you, carefully asking if you were okay while staring deeply into your eyes to see if you were truly okay. You nodded your head a little before smiling and allowing him to help you out of his office.


The new few days were awful.

Your throat felt raw and scratchy and your nose was a neverending fountain that refused to stop running. Sleep felt impossible due to the constant headache plaguing your mind and despite the fact it was spring, you have the chills even though you were wearing sweatshirts and multiple blankets were wrapped around your body. You had already made your appointment but it was scheduled until later in the day. Due to the fact you were taking a few days off from work because of your sickness, you decided to get your shopping out of the way as you walked into the grocery store and picked up a basket. You slowly wandered into the fruit isle and began to search for bananas and oranges, knowing that they would probably make you feel a lot better with their freshness. You were studying the food when suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder and that caused you to turn around with surprise, and you felt your stomach do a flip when you noticed Taehyung in a black t shirt and jeans.

He was smiling widely as he waved and you felt as though time stopped. You had never seen him outside of work and he honestly looked so much younger and different. He was grinning broadly as he began to search through a small plastic bag before pulling out a bottle of medicine and handing it to you. He explained that this supermarket had a pharmacy in it and that was why he was here, he was currently picking up your medicine for you to get better and he told you that it was such a coincidence that the two of you happened to meet up.

You laughed softly but it turned into a coughing fit and you instantly noticed the change in his expression, going from joy to worry in only a few seconds. He gently took your basket from you and began to examine the contents, telling you that he would help you pick out some things that you help to make you feel better. You protested at first, however he ignored you and simply tugged you along. The male stuck in fresh vegetables and chicken breast, finding some broth as well as some herbal tea that would sooth your throat.

He lead you to check out and immediately pulled out his own wallet, to which you to put your foot down and told him that you would definitely pay. However, Taehyung beat you to it as he eagerly handed over his credit card and shook his head, insisting that it was the Doctor's orders. You sighed and shook your head while your lips curled into a small smile. Once everything was bagged, he handed it to you and recommended that you rested after making your chicken noodle soup. He also gave you the intrustions on how to make it and confirmed that you didn't need to show up for your appointment due to the fact he had been able to give you your medicine now. You merely nodded and thanked him a couple of times before he smiled and told you it was no problem, leaving with a wave.

You felt as though it was fate the next time the two of you met.
This time he was in his doctor uniform and you had just entered a cafe, looking for a coffee to get your first day back to work started. His eyes flickered over to the door where you entered and he immediately flashed you a smile as you returned it and wandered over to him, your hands stuffed inside your pockets.

"Fancy meeting you here." He said softly as he took note of the fact you were looking much healthier, and he tilted his head as he asked you, "Have you been feeling better?"

You nodded your head and thanked him once again for how kind he was to you in the supermarket, commenting upon how delicious the chicken noodle soup was and that the tea made your throat feel completely new again. This piece of information only caused his smile to broaden as he nodded his head happily and then motioned towards the coffee counter in the cafe, asking if you wanted a coffee. You paused before you then smiled at him, giggling as you questioned him why. Why was he being so sweet to you?

"Because you're my favorite patient."

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