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You both knew what was going to happen the next day.

You both realized that tomorrow will be the last day until you see each other again in six months.

Neither of you wanted this to happen. But it was his job. His dream.

Neither of you signed up for this. The heartbreak. The pain. The emptiness.

You both knew that this life didn't come with instructions. You figured it along the way.

You snuggled deeper into his chest breathing slowly, eyes drooping.

He chuckled as he watched you struggle to keep awake. Trying to make the most out of the night. Before he left.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and put his attention back to the movie that was playing, a story about two people -a boy and an girl- meeting from to different classes on life -high class and low class- and somehow they managed to fall in love and get married and live old together. Happy ending. Like every other movie.

He looked down at you sleeping and reminded himself that this was the beginning of both of your guys' story. And when he comes back would be the climax and the happy ending will be you two finally sleeping together in the same bed, after being separated for six long, painful months.

He lifted you up and carried you bridal style to your shared bedroom, wrapping the blankets around you both, not caring about changing into your pajamas. And pulled you head into his chest, inhaling the scent of you hair. He was gonna miss you so fucking much.

The next morning, you woke up early to make him his favorite breakfast, pancakes and sausage. When he woke up and didn't see you, he instantly sat right up, but the smell of sausage cured his curiosity and he followed the scent to the kitchen.

There you were. Your back turned towards him as you looked at the stove and moved the sausage around the pan. Hoseok came creeping up behind you, snaking his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek.

You turned towards him and pulled him for a passionate kiss. When you pulled away, you smiled at him and pulled him in for a big hug. You made both of you a plate and sat down at the table, eating and enjoying each other's company.

A few hours of packing and tears passed as he stood at the front door, suitcase in hand and the van in the driveway honking for Hoseok to come out.

He pulled you into for a tight hug and he couldn't hold back his tears anymore. Both of you cried in each other's arms. He finally pulled away and reached for the handle of the door after giving you a deep, passionate kiss.

"Wait! Before you go, I have something for you!" You said and ran towards your room. You reached under your bed and pulled out a gift. You rushed towards him and stuffed the present into his suitcase.

"Don't you dare open it till the last day. I will have the other members watching and telling me if they see you opening it earlier." You warned him.

He nodded and gave you a peck on the lips before leaving.


Hoseok did pretty well. He never opened it, although he was pretty close too on the first day when he you texted him to see if he got there safely.

He reached for the present he kept in his suitcase and walked to his bed, present in hand.

He sat down and started to open the gift.

Once he finally finished unwrapping the paper he opened the box and stared at what was inside.

It was a picture. Of both of you on your first date. He continued looking through the box and came across a note.

Dear Hoseok,
I remember the day we first met. I bumped into you on my way to the new back up dancer auditions. Shyness and awkward smiles passed through us. The day you asked me out on a date, was the best day of my life. You kept stuttering and blushing and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. When our date finally came, we were both a nervous wreck, but the date went smoothly with lots of laughing and compliments. When you dropped me off at my house, you have a a peck of my cheek. That's when I knew I was in. After months and months of being together, you met my parents (still sorry about my dad being a little tough on you :( ) and I met yours. Then was our first Christmas together and I still to this day were the gold necklace you got me. Finally I started getting sicker and sicker. I thought that I was pregnant because of what happened on our 2 year anniversary ;). I went to the doctors and she said I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. My world came crashing down I wondered how I should tell you, but I just didn't know how. I told your group mates and they were crying and so sad. I went to the doctor again and she said I only had a week left the live. By the time your reading this, I would've already passed. I love you so much. More then you will ever know. But please I don't want your mourning over me. Find yourself another girl and make her even more happier then you made me, if that was even possible. I love you.

He stared at the note. Tears streaming down his face.

"Not every story has a happy ending."

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