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Jungkook (Request)

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"Oh my God, this heat is killing me!" you whined as you and your friend stood outside the building."Stop complaining," your friend made a face."Out of all the days, did they have to choose this day for the fan meet? And did you have to drag me here with you?""Yes ma'am," she replied with a cheeky smile."If I didn't love you, I would have never said yes to this.""I love you too Sam keke," she replied.You were at an Bts fan meet in Seoul on a hot sunny day. You didn't know much about the group. The only reason you were there was because your friend wanted Jhope and Jungkook's signature but she couldn't get both. They had a one member signature policy. Your friend had begged you to get Jungkook's signature while she got Jhope."I don't even know what he looks like." you said as she pushed you inside the building."How many times do I have to show you his picture?" she asked almost disappointed."Okay show me one last time!" you said wanting to make her feel better.The line kept moving slowly until it was your turn. You looked up. Jungkook was sitting in the corner with his head bent down. He did not look excited at all. You sighed and walked up to him."Excuse me," you said putting forward your album."Ohh ahh hold on a second," he said without looking up. "Let me find my pen, I think I dropped it somewhere. Oh wait never mind here it..." he stopped as soon as he looked up at you.He was staring at you with his head tilted sideways."Umm are you alright?" you asked waving your hand into his face.Jimin shook Jungkook elbow."huhh?, Uhh sorry about that," Jungkook said while swallowing a spit."Are you okay?" Jimin whispered."Yeah, I'm fine!" he whispered back."Sure doesn't seem like it. I know she is cute but control yourself." Jimin whispered but you heard him.You started blushing. You looked back at Jungkook, He was pretty good looking. You had just missed it the first time you looked at him."Shhhh," Jungkook said as he took the album from you. He couldn't stop smiling."Here you go," he said as he signed it. He wasn't looking at you, so he could hide his smile."Ghamsahamnida" you replied and stood on the side waiting for your friend."Wooooaaaooooowwwww" Rap Monster and taehyung said at the same time as Jimin told them about Jungkook's reaction upon seeing you. They didn't realize that you were still standing there."Give it to me!" your friend said as she took the album from you. You turned and looked at Jungkook He was looking at you. His expression changed when your friend took the album from you. He was hurt that the album really didn't belong to you and that you weren't his fan. You pulled a smile and turned around.

"What are you all pattering about?" Rap monster asked during breaktime."Jungkook and his little crush," Jimin said between giggles."I don't have a crush on her," Jungkook snapped back."It sure looked like you did.""He's blushing too," Taehyung poked him."Stoppp," Jungkook whined, trying hard to control his smile."Alright everybody leave the manknae alone," Jin butted in."Ghamsahamnida Hyung," Jungkook said."We need to go back. And as for you Jungkook don't worry we'll find her later," Rap mon said and winked."haha" the rest of the members started laughing.

"Out of all the places you chose a mall, to come to for your birthday?" suga asked raising his eyebrows."Yeah! What's wrong about that?" Jungkook asked shrugging his shoulders."Look at all the fans running after us. This is so uncomfortable." Taehyung whined."Come on guys, Jungkook might find his soul mate here," Rap mon said and winked at the other members.And so the members laughed. Jungkook rolled his eyes and started walking at a faster pace. He suddenly stopped."What?" Jin asked.Jungkook pointed to a store in the corner. "Look!" he said."Oh my God, it's her!" Jimin said excitedly."Go talk to her! Jin pushed."Nooo," Jungkook snapped back."This might be your only chance. You won't have to take lonely walks to the beach anymore," Taehyung said putting his hand on Jungkook's shoulder. He sighed and walked in your direction.

You were looking around for a matching pair of shorts with your shirt when someone put a hand on your shoulder. You jumped around. It was him."Anneyong" he said and waved with a nervous smile on his face.You didn't know what to say. You were surprised. Jungkook was here, in front of you. After the little episode you had with him at the fan meet you went back home and did 'some' research on him. You could say that you knew more about him now."Anneyong," you said and bowed a little.He cleared his throat. "Umm you came to .. my.. I mean ..bts's fan meet the other day.""Yeah," you replied.You could see that he was nervous. How could he be so nervous? He was a star and you were just an ordinary person.The two of you stood in awkward silence."Umm do you want to get coffee sometime?" he said scratching his head, taking a step back.You were smiling now, and blushing a little bit. You weren't surprised you were just flattered. Your heart was beating faster. You could hear it."Aaa sure," you replied."Oh great," he clapped his hands in excitement."You might not want to be that loud. Your fans have their ears pressed against the glass door," you said pointed towards the entrance.He turned around and chuckled. "Ohh, okay so I'll see you soon?" he asked."Yeah," you replied.The two of you exchanged numbers and he left. You couldn't believe what had just happened to you. All you knew was that you were going on your first 'date' with a star. You were glad that your friend took you to that fan meet. 'After all, everything does happen for a reason'


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