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You were standing on the doorway and looking at Jin jamming to his music. You coughed which startled him startling him a little bit causing him to get flustered whilst trying to click on the mouse to pause the music "Oh I didn't hear you come in" he said and looked at you. "I noticed" you commented and laughed a little. "What's up?" he asked and got up from his chair. "Nothing much I just -" you said and realized that the reason you spontaneously came to his studio was because you wanted to confess. For the past few weeks you had basically lost all of your sleep because you had thought about your relationship with him and how you wanted it to be more than just a friendship. "You what?" he asked when he noticed you struggling with your words. You took a deep breath and rolled your eyes, thinking if you should just say it right now. So, you did, just like that.

"I like you" you let it out and regretted it right after you said it. He looked at you with his eyes wide open and you thought that you'd ruined your friendship. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that..." you apologized and your face flushed with redness. You immediately started to beat yourself in your head that you opened your mouth and confessed because he clearly wanted to stay in the friend zone. "I like you too" he then said which caught you completely off guard. You looked back up at him and furrowed your eyebrows and then smiled after seeing that he was smiling too. It felt like a rock was lifted off of your shoulders when you realized that you had just panicked when he didn't say anything at first. "But...there's this one thing" he said and you looked at him with curious eyes. "But?" you questioned and moved closer to him. "I planned to go on a date with my ex who clearly wants us back together. I still care about her so I didn't dare to say no but trust me, I'd much rather be with you" he explained and put his arm around you - taking you into his embrace. You felt your heart sink a little when you heard him say the words 'ex' and 'date' but you did trust his word that he didn't have any plans on continuing their relationship. "Okay...you better come to my house after it then" you said and laughed. He smiled at your sudden sense of possession over him and assured that he would.
You scrolled up and down your chat room with Jin and impatiently waited for his message on how things had gone with his ex - a bit over an hour ago he had sent you a message that he was now on his way to meeting her and you had answered with a simple 'thumbs up' emoticon which he hadn't even seen. You sighed and nervously bit your lip - what if he changed his mind and wanted to get back together with her? Or she was so heartbroken that he couldn't just leave her? "Aish!" you muttered and threw your phone on the couch cushions. As soon as it landed on the grey fabric, it vibrated. You ran after it and jumped on the couch, hassling with your passcode to open up the message that was from Jin. 'Your doorcode?' the message said, which you answered like a lightning. After answering his message you ran to open the door to your apartment up.

When you heard the elevator reach your floor, your heartbeat started racing. You were so nervous which was a first when it was about him. He reached your door and opened it and at first when you saw him you felt like it hadn't gone well (from your perspective) but in seconds, his lips were against yours. It was your first kiss with him and it felt amazing, it sent chills down your whole body and made you feel all warm and fuzzy. "So?" you asked when you took a break from the kiss because it didn't really mean anything yet. "So, what?" he asked, clearly teasing you. "Oh c'mon what did she say?" you asked, stomping your feet out of frustration to know. "Well...she did cry and she did say that she couldn't believe how someone like me could have a girl already when we just broke up but after all that, she did wish us a good life" he explained and placed his hands on your hips. "Oh" you let out and raised your eyebrows. You couldn't hold back your smile and neither could he - so you ended up hugging each other for a minute.

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