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Rap Monster

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"It feels good to be here," Namjoon tells his friend as he enters the underground area where a rap battle was about to take place.
"Being Rap Monster getting to you?" his smirks because he knew Namjoon wouldn't want his life any other way.
"Just need a break and a new take," he nudged his way through the crowd to get close to the stage but far enough that people wouldn't be able to see him or at least not catch a bunch of attention. He and his friend leaned against the wall as they watched people take the stage.
"Is she the announcer?" Namjoon knew exactly who his friend was talking about as he watch the woman dressed is a sexy yet classy dress, she definitely didn't look like she belong on the stage. Even in heels she was shorter than the guys around her.
"Let's get the rap battle started!" the announcer spoke into the microphone. He went through introducing everyone and sure enough the beautiful woman was going to rap. Namjoon listened to the raps going on but couldn't take his eyes off her. When it was her turn they allowed her to introduce herself.
"Hello everyone I'm (Y/N)" her voice was soft and smooth luring him closer to the stage. "As you can tell being here wasn't my plan but my friends encouraged me to come here and take the stage." He watches her turn to her competitor both nervous and confident at the same time. "And I plan to do just that." He saw the sweet smile gracing her lips but the fire in her eyes showed she wasn't someone to mess with.
"You come here dressed like that, talk like that," her competitor spoke into his microphone, "trying to lure men. Well guess what? Your siren song won't work here." Some of the crowd cheered but Namjoon wanted to do nothing more than take the stage and put homeboy in his place.
"Sure I may look alluring all dress like this, sounding like this, acting like this," she gave a little shake of her hips, "but they know talent when they see it and honey, that isn't you." The crowd cheered loudly at her, particularly the women.
"So maybe she doesn't need rescuing," Namjoon tells himself a chuckle escaping him. The moved into the battle and the crowd was blown away by the cutesy sounding girl with the sweet word and her sick raps. As she beat competitor after competitor she grew more confident and her rapping even got faster blowing them right off the stage. He was amazed she somehow avoided cussing even when one of the competitors practically cussed after every other word.
"And the winner is (Y/N), the Siren!" the announcer spoke and the crowd went wild. He watched as she respectfully took her prize and gracefully made her way across the stage. Making his way over to the stairs he greeted her at the bottom.
"That was incredible," he smiles at her, "even earned yourself a name."
"That means a lot coming for you," she smiles at him, "after all you are an amazing rapper." She laughed at his expression, "would you like to meet my friends?"
"Sure, let me just get mine-"
"Really? She shows up and you forget me?" his friend jokes before introducing himself. She lead the way to a group of girls in a booth all dressed in different styles; they looked like a mismatched group.
"Holy crap you win a rap battle and end up bringing Rap Monster back with you?" laughs one of her friends.
"Apparently," (Y/N) giggles. She makes the introductions and as they talk he realizes the groups of girls were more alike than he initially thought.
"You are full of surprises," Namjoon tells you as he walks her out to her car. "Not what I was expecting."
"I'm just full of complementary contradictions," she responds.
"I would like to get to know these complementary contradictions more," he opens her door for her.
"Are you asking me out?" she smiles.
"Give me a call sometime then," she hands him a business card. He watches her get comfortable in the sleek car. With a wave bye she slowly backs out and then speeds away.
Looking once more at her job title, he chuckles, "Definitely a new take on things."

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