Rap Monster(requested)

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"YAH! What do you think your doing? Let go of her!" Your best friend, Kim Namjoon, yelled as he stomped over to the sight of you and your bullies once again.

The thing is you were bullied constantly by the same group of girls everyday, for no reason.(or could it be that they were jealous of you?)These girls had a strong hatred towards you, making you suffer, and have other students not want to socialize with you, due to the possibility of being bullied too.

Everyone in school was afraid to stand up and help you against these girls, but not Namjoon. He has been your best friend since you two were in diapers and always came to the rescue. He always caused the girls to scramble and run away, scared of being scolded by their precious Namjoon oppa. But they always came back to attack and bully you.

And here you were, yet again corned into a section of the school's brick wall, surrounded by wrenched girls from your grade. You noticed the girls stopping from throwing fists and kicks at one yell. All of you turned to look at the person who yelled. It your bff, coming to your rescue, yet again.

"Oh, oppa. We're sorry!" The group of girls turned to face Namjoon, bowing their heads in fake shame, apologizing at their actions.

"Sorry? Your sorry? But excuse me, this is millionth time I've seen you do this to her. Your bland apology won't faze me. I don't ever want to see or talk to you girls again so please leave!" Namjoon yelled at them his ears turning red of the anger of seeing you bullied again.

The girls looked up at him with sacred and shocked filled eyes, running away with tears streaming down their face, leaving you alone to collaspe on the floor.

"Oh ____!" He ran towards you to only pick you up and hug you tightly. To which you only complied to hug back.

"Namjoon oppa, thanks for saving me. You got here just in time. They were going to destroy me."You said grateful for having your best friend save you from those girls.

"Ah ___.~ What am I going to do with you?"He sighed frowning and pulling back from the hug to look at your face. You looked up at him and smiled.

"Well...I don't know? But you love me anyway right best friend?"You replied back as you started to leave the area heading home, leaving Namjoon to linger behind and stare at you walking away. He stared at your back profile and sighed, brushing his fingers through his hair.

"Your right,___.I do love you, but more than best friends.If only you knew that and felt the same way about me."

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