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Rap Monster

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"Hey! (Y/n)! Yo!! (Y/n) wait up!" You hear Namjoon shout behind you on your way to school. You walk a little faster annoyed that he wasn't on time to meet up with you making you late to class. "Hey! I said wait!" He runs up to you and grabs your wrist to turn you to face him, which annoys the hell out of you. You go right into his face and have a stare down at him.

"Let go of my wrist." You say calmly with anger boiling up inside of you. He quickly realises and let go. "You're making us late! I'm serious if I get told off again I will kill you!" You say and storm off.

He catches up to you and puts an arm around your shoulders pulling you closer to him. "Relax; it's such a beautiful day! Look, I'll make it up to you...I'll help you with chemistry?" You stop and look at him with and 'are-you-serious' look. "Ok, you are better at chemistry than me. What about math?" You shake your head at him. "Ok, ok. I get it I'm not that great at that subject as well and I usually ask you for help... Oh wonderful, great, talented ________ teach me chemistry and math. Almighty wonderful and did I forget to mention talented ________" He says and brings his hand off your shoulder which you were starting to like and see him getting on his knees bowing to you in the middle of the street.

"Namjoon...stop it. People are watching! Namjoon!" You run over to him and grab his arm to pull him up. "Seriously you are so embarrassing sometimes!"

"Least I stopped your sour mood...come on lets go to school!" He ruffles your hair and grabs your arm to link with his.

Lunch time comes quickly and you're sat on a bench waiting for Namjoon with your other friends. You notice him walking towards the table and wave to him. He's smiling at you until a girl steps in front of him stopping him in his track. You see him smiling and laughing with her and for some reason you feel this horrible emotion of jealousy amounting inside of you. "No...We've been best friends for as long as I can remember. I can't like him? Can I?" You shook your head shaking those thoughts away and see him walking towards you.

"What did she want then?" You ask.

"Wouldn't you like to know..." Namjoon says and winks at you grabbing a piece of your food. For some reason you're not content with this answer and get up to go dump your food in the trash can and walk out the lunch hall leaving all your friends and Namjoon without saying a word, leaving them all confused. However, only a couple of them realise how you feel.

Last period you have private study and go to the library and see Namjoon sat with the girl and quickly make a detour to sit at a different table than usual. Avoiding him at all costs and sneakily spy on him but it's no use and you decide to just start studying. You soon get stressed out and put your forehead on the desk. You notice the chair opposite you move but you're too stressed and confused to care. The final bell goes and you look up to see Namjoon sat cross legged with his arms crossed in front of him, staring at you with concern written all over his face. You pack up your books and grab your bag to walk out. Namjoon follows behind you slowly, you turn around and he is stood extremely close to you. He wraps his arms around you and hugs you tight.

"Wh-what are you doing?" You ask blushing and trying to push him off.

"No I'm not letting go. I know you've been stressed out a lot because of school. Just don't get so worked up about it, it's not nice seeing you like that. You know you are doing well and I know that and everyone else knows it, so just relax a little. I'm here for you _______ always. I promise that I'm here for you." He says and you find yourself crying into his shirt. "I love you."You think in the back of your mind. "Come on, stop crying and let's walk home." He grabs your arm to link with his again.

You wake up happier the next day and get ready for another day at school and see Namjoon waiting for you outside your door. You link arms with him automatically which surprises him and walk in the direction of the school buses. You see the girl he was with yesterday and he unlinks your arm and waves at her leaving you there. He grabs her hand and brings her over to you but luckily the bus arrives and you quickly run onto the bus sitting next to one of your friends in a crowded area knowing he won't be able to come over.

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