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You sat in your bed watching over your boyfriend sleeping. You were attentive to many things while Yoongi was asleep such as how his chest rose at the amount of air he inhaled and how it fell as he deeply exhaled, or how cute he looked with his mouth slightly open. You were always so fascinated by him when he slept. His eyebrows gently quivered as his eye lids slowly opened, the first thing he saw when he awoke was your face beaming while the rays of the daylight illuminated your skin - this was probably due to him trying to gain back his consciousness but he could have sworn that he saw you glowing in the midst of the early morning. He extended his arms and legs out to stretch, his arm ever so lightly nudged you as a feeble smile placed itself on his lips "_____~ah" he groaned in a deep sleepy voice.

Your lips brushed against his forehead barely giving him as much of a peck so he sluggishly wrapped his arms and legs around you, enveloping you in an amorous embrace "Yoongi~ah ... Aish jinjja?!" He looked down, nodding at you "Ne. I'll only let you go if ..." You looked up at him quite alarmed and apprehending whatever he wanted to request "Ne? If what?" He smirked narrowing his eyes to trick you into thinking he was going to say something dirty "If you promise to stay in with me today." Your eyes squinted as you grinned "Ok, ok I promise." He loosened his grip on you however you didn't feel like getting off him therefore you laid your head against his chest listening to the steady pace of his heartbeat while he tangled his fingers in your hair - gently playing with it by twirling a lock of your hair around his index finger "Jagiya, I don't feel like getting out of bed today." You tutted at his comment "Aniyo ... I'm not letting you miss breakfast this time" he stopped playing with your hair and proceeded to hold your hand close to his face so that the back of your hand rested against his cheek "When have I ever missed breakfast?" He smugly smiled at you "Really?" You raised your eyebrows as to avoid stating the obvious "Fine, I'll eat breakfast" you sat up "Good because I put my heart and soul into cooking your breakfast"

You led him down to the kitchen by firmly holding onto his wrists as he strolled behind you. He wiped his eyes to distinguish that he wasn't seeing things, it had surprised him that everything was already set up - all the food was prepared the only thing that was left to be done was to eat it. "Wait, when did you wake up?" He frowned while sitting at the table "It doesn't matter" impatience had over taken your actions leading you to try to feed him what you had prepared but he shut his lips tightly to prevent the food from entering his mouth "Ah Yoongi don't be like this ..." He stared at you waiting for you to tell him at what time you woke up "Arasso arasso. I'll admit that I woke up at least an hour early to prepare this ... Can you please just eat it?" He opened his mouth allowing you to finally feed him "You must be so tired. Next time, you should sleep more. I can take care of myself" he spoke with a mouth full of food "Is it good?" You tried to change the subject at all cost to distract him from the fact that you were often lacking sleep just so you could take care of him. You didn't get much opportunities to take care of him as he was usually always working meaning the time you had together was often very limited. He put his thumb up in response and grabbed the chopsticks out of your hands "Hajima, please? You don't have to feed me, I can do it myself. But, I think you should just go relax, arachi?" You got up lightly showering his face with kisses "Okay ... If you need me I'll be in the shower"

You hurried to the bathroom wishing to take a quick shower so that you could later watch over him. You couldn't help but feel responsible over him - it's not as if you were a clingy girlfriend because you really wasn't but there were times when you didn't particularly want to leave his side ... In a way, you could say that you wanted to profit merely from his presence. Rushing out of your clothes you turned on the tap to test the temperature of the water before going in the enclosed shower cubicle. Once you got in, minuscule sprinkles of lukewarm water poured over you making you feel refreshed. You adored the feeling of the water slowly trickling on your skin, sure it tickled but it was an indescribable feeling of cleanliness. After a couple of seconds, you started rubbing your body with soap and then blindly shampooing your hair with one of the brands Yoongi used for his hair. The water easily washed out the product but the smell remained imprinted on you.

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