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Just like every other day you walked home alone, but different from other days it was raining. You sighed as you crossed the street and ran through the gates of your yard and climbed the stairs of your porch. You shivered and pulled your hood of your head before you blew air into your cheeks and glanced at the gloomy weather.

You glanced at your cuts and bruises on your arm and let out another sigh, I knew today wasn't going to go well. You thought silently before your turned around ready to open the door to your house. But you paused when you saw the lights on and your face brightened Hoseok. But then almost instantly your face fell again at the realization that you couldn't hide the cuts you had recently gotten on your face.

"Dammit," you mumbled softly to yourself as you leaned your head against the front door.

Just then seconds later the knob turned and the door opened, your eyes widened as you were fall forward. You shut your eyes tight embracing yourself to fall flat on your face, when in fact you just wanted to fall so it could be another excuse as to why there were cuts on your face, but Hoseok only caught up.

"Gosh, baby are you okay ?" Hoseok asked as he helped you to your feet.

"I'm fine," you answered leaning in and kissing his cheek so he couldn't see your face.

"You're all soaked... did you walk home again ?" He questioned.

"It was too crowded on the bus," you explained.

"You should've called me I would've come pick you up with an umbrella." He argued.

You shook your head as you walked up the stairs, "it's fine, Hoseok. Just let me change, I won't get sick." You promised and disappeared up stairs.

He sighed and walked into the kitchen to warm up so tea for you, this girl. He scolded your silently.

After changing you looked into your mirror and examined the cut that down your left cheek bone and your busted lip on the right side, before you went down and saw all the hand marks and other cuts on bruises on your arms and legs. After you sighed and grabbed a fresh hoodie slipping it on along with some sweats. As for your face... there was no point in hiding it, Hoseok was bound to find out anyways. With another sigh you pulled the hood over your head and walked down the stairs towards the living room and plopped yourself beside your boyfriend.

He glanced at you and made a face, "uh... ?"

"It's cold," you answered and snuggled closer to him.

He smiled and put his arms around you, "I warmed some tea for you, let me go get it." He said as he was about to pull away but you hugged him closer.

"Uh-uh, don't leave me yet," you begged softly, and his brows creased.

"Had a bad day at school," he asked sitting back down and you merely nodded in reply.

"What happened ?" He curiously wondered but you only shook your head at him.

He sighed and pulled from you, "baby, I know it's been hard for you, from losing..."

"Everything," you finished for him, biting your tears back. Talking about it always made you want to cry. Your father was sick for a very long time and just recently he went and joined your mother leaving your alone.

He looked at you sympathetically, "but you still have me. I'm right here, can't you see me ?" He asked his heart also breaking from all the torment you've been receiving from other students and all the pain and sorrow you were feeling that you weren't sharing with him.

"I know I won't be able to understand what you're going through, but don't carry all this burden by yourself. Sweetie, tell me so we can do this together because you're not alone. You'll always have me, and I'll always be here." He continued to speak as your cried your tears falling onto your sweatshirt as you held your head low.

"You know how much I care about why, didn't you think about how I felt ?" You were sobbing harder now and you couldn't answer him because you were crying so hard.

"Look at me," he requested sweetly but you shook your head at him.He smiled softly, "please, look at me." He said even gentler than before. You shook your head again but this time he knew if he made you look at him, you wouldn't fight it.

He tilted your chin and gasped when he saw your cut and lip, "ohmigosh, what happened ?" You immediately looked away and shook your head not wanting to talk about it but he cupped your face and gently ran his thumb over your lip and your cheek bone.

"Who the hell touched my baby..." he asked in disbelief. "Who could be so cruel ?" He continued to ask no one in particular as tears built in his eyes.

"What happened ?" He asked desperately needing an answer this time.

You looked up at him with sad eyes, "Hoseok," you said his name helplessly.

He let his tears fall as he hugged you tightly against him, "Every day I wake up just to worry about you to when I close my eyes and I get to dream about your smile and your laughter before I wake up to worry about you again. But I won't let this happen again, I'll be your protector. I'll be there to wipe your tears, and I'll be there whenever you call my name. Just trust me," he begged. "Sweetie, believe in me, have some faith in me, please."

You nodded and wrapped your arms torso and sobbed into his chest. It was the first time you cried since your dad died. You had bottled it up for so long and now it was so hard to stop, but as long as Hoseok was here, you knew everything would turn out alright.

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