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You were sitting near your friends, also known as the leader of your group, another girl that was the youngest and not far from you was the rapper. You joined the music industry not too long ago, your band wasn't very known but a few passengers would recognize you on the streets.

"Um, you girls are quite new here, aren't you? Is there any idol that has your attention?" Hyungdon asked.

You looked at each other and smiled. They knew you were a fan of Bangtan Boys, especially Min Yoongi (suga).

"__________ has a thing for the Rapper of Bts." Choeun answered.

"Oh, really? Why?" You blushed at the question and tried to control your smile.

"I really like his voice. It's attractive and deep. The other members have nice voices as well, but I feel like his is more attracting, he has a cute smile even if he seems really serious in some of their music videos."

A few 'ooo's and 'aaa's followed your words, then Hyungdon announced that there were going to have another group that would be interviewed with yours. You were excited to meet other idols so you eyed around the staffs then saw a few men walking towards the set. As soon as you saw them, you recognized within a second who they were.

"Your crush is here, don't act weird." Jorin reminded you before walking towards your seniors to greet them.

You started coughing nervously then approached Bts, facing each member except Suga. He was smiling, and somehow your heart was aching because of it. You hesitated between greeting him or go back to your seat, you knew it would be disrespectful to ignore him.

"Hello..." You mumbled a bit loudly for him to hear you.

You got back to your seats and glared at Jorin for taking your seat, meaning you had to sit near one of the boys. After the boys introduced themselves, they took a seat near you and chatted a bit.

"I want to sit here..." Suga whispered to Jimin that gave him his seat that was right next to you.

"I can take your place?" You asked Hyunji.

"No, sit there, I like my spot."

You tried to pay attention but he was disturbing you. He wasn't even looking at you or talking to you, maybe it was because you were the one looking at him. It mattered to you how some man could just take your attention away from everything.

"Okay so let's start. How about Random dance play?" Hyungdon suggested. "Who wants to begin?"

"Ladies first." Rap Monster said, gesturing your group.

You took your position and waited for the music to come along to dance to the beat. Everything was fine until you messed up. You tried to play it cool until you got pointed out by J-hope.

"Didn't ____ mess up?"

"No, no she didn't, she's doing perfectly fine." Suga added.

"Your boyfriend is protecting you." Choeun whispered when the two of you switched place.

"As if." You mumbled.

"How do you know? Did you watch their dance practice?" Taehyung asked Suga.

"Uh, well... It's always good for a senior to see how well his juniors are doing, right?"

A while after the two groups danced, the staff came in with 10 boards, the members of your group and Bts. Defconn started the whole conversation, barely asking anything to your seniors since they've meet several times, but for your sake, he carried a long conversation with Suag. Hyungdong then started the whole investigation on your band, you got nervous as soon as he took off Choeun's poster and yours was revealed.

He, of course, asked you about yourself, wanting to know the facts then asked you the question you didn't expect to get.

"How are you feeling right now?"

"I'm feeling great, why?"

"How about your heart, is it beating fast?"

"It's... beating perfectly well...." You answered shyly.

"Does ________ have health problems?" One of the members of Bts asked.

"No, I don't think so." Defconn added. "However, one of you could make her get health problems."

"Really? She probably likes Jin hyung, he's the prettiest." J-hope guessed.

"But Jimin hyung is the visual." Jin commented.

You felt nervous, they were obviously going to find out. What could you do after, you were going to be stuck in this place for almost an hour.

"Our maknae is really cute, do you like cute boys?" Rap Monster asked, making your heart beat faster.

"Do you like short boys? Because if you do then I'm not one of them." Taehyung joked.

"Hey, we're supposed to ask her!" Hyungdon remarked. "Suga, what do you think about ________?"

Oh god, are you serious? Someone take me away

"Me? Oh, haha..." He giggled with his charming voice. "She's really cute. I don't think I should ask this but do you find interest in me?"

Oh my god, oh lord

"Answer him! This is your chance." Hyunji whispered to you.

"Senior... I'm not interested, I just look up to you, you're a great person..."

A few members gasped and started giggling, all you could do was stare at your legs.

"Ah, no wonder you kept running away from me. Am I not good enough for you?"

"This is Weekly Idol, not a place for you to shoot a drama." Defconn commented.

If he wasn't my senior, I would literally kiss him right now and admit my feelings


"You're too good for me." You answered a bit loudly.

"Really? How is that? You're really cute, I'd like to know how I'm too good."

Your mind was empty, no words were showing up for you to answer.

Hyungdong asked you to hurry up on your answer yet all you could manage to say was 'Have a nice a day', which was embarrassing since you didn't manage to say anything right in front of him.

"I can't have a nice day if you don't answer me."

The way he stared at you was intense, he even smiled, actually, he was smirking.

"You're really talented, senior, you're also very cool."

"What about the other stuffs you told us earlier?" Defconn added.

The girls were literally whispering everything you said, as if you didn't know what you explained.

"Y... You have a very nice smile and voice..."

'aaaaawn's and 'you're so cute' were taking over the room, you avoided eye contact with him, but you didn't avoid taking a glance at his lips that were curved in to a smile.

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