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You stomach was churning as you stared at yourself in the mirror. You looked at your reflection. Maybe I should curl my hair? Maybe put it up. No leave it down. You thought to yourself as you fiddled with your hair. You finally settled on leaving it down, but then turned your attention to your face. Would make up be good? You quickly put some lipstick on, stared at yourself again, and then wiped it off. "Ugh, I hate first dates!" You groaned. You slumped down on your bed and placed a pillow over your head.

"Why are you so nervous? This is your best friend after all. He has seen you in your sweat pants and dirty shirts." You say to yourself as you attempt to calm down. You sit back up and start smoothing out your hair. Just as you stood up, you heard the doorbell ring. You started heading out of the room; giving yourself a quick glance in the mirror. You could feel your heart racing in your chest and your palms getting sweaty.

You swung the door open and stared at your best friend on the other side. Jimin smiled brightly at you and you felt your muscles relax. "Hey, (Y/N), you look really nice." He said in a shy voice. You couldn't help but laugh at how shy he was. Never in the two years that you knew him did he ever seem nervous around you. "Thank you, Jimin, you look good too." You said also nervously. You subconsciously started tugging at the bottom of your sun dress.

The two of you stood in silence for a moment, awkwardly looking at the ground, before Jimin finally spoke up. "We should maybe get going if you still want to get food before the movie." He suggested, sticking his hand out towards you. You looked up at him and smiled as you took his hand. Both of your palms were sweaty and it felt both gross and comforting to be holding his hand. You followed him out of your apartment, locking the door quickly behind you, and began your walk.

"So, um, how was your evening?" You asked after the silence became too much to deal with. Jimin looked down at you and the way he was staring at you made your face automatically get hot as you started to blush. You looked away from him quickly. "It was okay. The guys teased me all night." He started laughing as he thought back to the previous night trying to deal with the boys. You smiled as you heard his adorable high pitched laughter. You stole a quick glance up at his face and smiled even brighter because of his eye smile.

The two of you finally made it to the café. You were surprised when Jimin insisted on holding the door open for you and pulling out your chair. It was really cute, but it felt so weird. You weren't use to Jimin being such a gentleman to you. Usually, treated you like one of the guys. Jimin and you fell silent once more as you looked through the menu. After you placed your orders, you decided to break the silence again. "How is everything going with the new album? Did you guys finish recording all the songs?"

"Oh, uh, yes. We just finished the last song a few days ago. But I don't think Rapmon was completely please with it, so we are probably going to have to record it again." He seemed to relax more as he talked about his music. You always loved how dedicated he was to the music. You knew how much work he put into his singing. "I'm mostly looking forward to the choreography though. Teacher Son Sung Deuk showed J-Hope and I a bit of the choreography already. It looks so cool!" His voice was getting higher as his passion for dancing was beginning to come out. The two of you talked about his dancing for a while, not even realizing when your food arrived. His excitement for dance was causing you to become more excited and you felt completely comfortable.

After lunch, you and Jimin made your way to the movies. You arrived just in time to see the last trailer; having gotten stopped a few times by fans who wanted Jimin's autograph or a photo. You didn't mind it though. You were used to it after years of being friends with the boys. When you both finally settled in your seats for the movie, you felt the pressure of a first date pressing against you. Jimin raised his arm and hesitantly placed it over your shoulder as the opening credits began. Your heart skipped a bit. This makes no sense. He has placed his arm on your shoulders thousands of times before. You had an internal battle as you tried to calm down.

You could tell Jimin was just as nervous from the way he was shifting and fidgeting in his seat. This was stupid. The two of you were so close and there was no reason for the awkwardness. You turned to Jimin and pulled his attention from the movie screen. He looked at you in confusion. "Jiminnie, why are we acting so weird?" You whispered. You didn't understand why you were because there was no one else in the theaters. You chose an odd hour to see the movie in hopes of not getting hassled by any fans.

"I... well... I mean, this is our first date. Are you not having fun?" He asked in a worried voice. You quickly shook your head, reassuring him that you were having a good time. "It's not that. I just feel like we aren't acting like ourselves. I like it better when you mess around with me, not when you act all nervous and shy." You explain as you take his hand. Jimin smiled brightly and poked your cheek. "Okay, then I will stop treating you differently."

The two of you could feel your whole body release tension. You both turned your attention to the movies for only a second before realizing that the movie was too boring. Out of nowhere, Jimin got up and moved a few seats away from you. You laughed at his childish face as he looked over at you. This was a game that you and the maknae line had a tendency to play when you were in an empty movie theater. The two of you began running around the theater, hiding behind seats, looking for each other to tag one another before running away like five year olds. Jimin caught you as you were running away and started tickling you. The two of you were laughing loudly and you could barely breathe.

You fell back into a chair and Jimin sat down beside you. You were both trying to calm your breathing; still laughing at how childish you two were. "I'm happy you said yes to going out with me." Jimin said once the two of you calmed down. You were about to say how happy you were, but Jimin kissed you before you could. Your eyes widened as you felt his lips touch yours, but you quickly fell into the kiss. The kiss made your heart flutter and you couldn't help but giggle. You felt Jimin smile as he pulled away to start giggling as well.

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