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"Do you think they'll go away soon?" You said in a hushed voice, your hands firmly wrapped around the large gun.
"Doubt it." Jin whispered back. "Damn walkers..."

You began to shake at the memory of one of your friends being ripped to shreds by walkers; their face bleeding as they consumed him like a starving human devouring a turkey. But then again, to you, the living were nothing more then rabbits running from hungry wolves.

Jin's cold hand gripped your clammy, sweaty hand and you instantly began to relax. You were grateful for your boyfriend. And most importantly you were grateful that your boyfriend had gone to such great lengths to protect you from the living dead that currently invaded the Earth.

The growling and moaning grew louder as another walker began to wander over to the overturned school bus you two were hiding behind. The night cloaked your tired bodies, and the walkers were out wandering around the abandoned high school.

"Your knife." Jin whispered and you quickly g...

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