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Rap Monster

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Seven sweaty bodies tried to catch their breaths after a long day of dancing at the studio. Their chests sharply heaved up and down as their lungs tried to deliver oxygen to their starving muscles. Closing their eyes, they listened to the blissful silence letting their bodies rest. The extremely warm studio didn't help as their bodies were coated in sweat, letting their defined muscles coat in their own sweat.

"Good job today boys, when you can pick yourselves up off of the floor, you can head to the dorm." Their manager said as he stepped over the bodies that laid around the room.

"Thank you manager-nim." They all tiredly announced in unison before the manager closed the door. With the loud echoing of the door closing, the boys let out a groan as some of them tried to get up.

All of their water bottles emptied hours ago and with no one having the energy to get more, their mouths were dried but as their breaths slowed slowly, the sun started to move in the sky.

Namjoon pushed his body to sit up and reach out to his bag, sliding it across the floor, he checked the time on his phone. His eyes got wide seeing that you were about to walk past the studio and that is when he usually walked with you the rest of the way home.

Getting up to his feet, his knees crackled as he stood up, feeling his sore muscles stretch, he let out a moan and picked up his bag as he stepped over his other members.

"See you guys tomorrow." He called, his members moaned acknowledging that they heard him as he opened the door and walked through letting the door close behind him.

The long cool hallway welcomed him out of the hot studio, turning and finding the quickest way to the front doors, he hoped that he hasn't missed you yet. Knowing that you would wait for him, the thoughts of you made a smile shine on his face.

Pushing the glass doors open, the dusk light happily welcomed him as a wisp of fresh air brushed past him. Goosebumps formed on his skin from the temperature change, he turned his head trying to find you though the stream of people that were heading home for the night.

Spotting you in the crowd, a toothy smile brightly shined on his face. Skipping down the stairs to the sidewalk, he found an opening and got in with the current of everyone on the sidewalk. Staying behind you, he tilted his head to one side as he wondered if the woman in front of his was really you.

Your beautiful hair still flowed over your shoulders, the same outfit you wore this morning was still on the woman he was following but it couldn't be you because there was this man in a suit next to you.

Furrowing his eye brows at you, he walked a little slower wanting to observe you from afar. Watching you smile and turn your head towards the mystery guy, listening into the conversation, he tried to convince himself that is wasn't you but when you laughed at the strange guy, your laughter made all of the doubts fly out of his mind as he saw you as you with another guy.

Knowing that it was you, it was time for him to figure out who the guy was now. Listening into the conversation, he tried to figure out who he was, you two were talking and laughing about things that he had heard you talk about a little from your work at the office.

Okay, so now he knew where he was from but why were the two of them talking together?

About halfway home, he noticed how you were acting, with the blush coming onto your cheeks and your laughing so hard that you almost tripped off of the curb but he caught you with his arms around you and that is when Namjoon started to go crazy.

The guy stranger's arm was around your waist as his other hand held yours trying to keep you balanced under the street lights that you starting to turn on.

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