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Rap Monster

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"I'm so sorry it took me so long to get a day off," Namjoon says for the third time.

           "It's really okay," you respond for the third time, putting as much emphasis as you can into the words in the hopes that, this time, he'll believe you. "How many times do I have to say it?"

           He looks down sheepishly and you reach for his hand. Your fingers tangle with his familiarly and he smiles up at you as you raise your conjoined hands to kiss the back of his hand. You can still see the sadness in his eyes and you sigh.

           "You've been busy," you continue. "Really, really busy, but I'm so proud of you for all that you've achieved, okay? You've put out some amazing things recently and no one's more proud of you than I am, so stop worrying okay?"

           "I love you so much," Namjoon smiles, pulling you in with his free hand so he can kiss your forehead. "I really lucked out when you said yes to me."

           "And don't you forget it," you laugh. "Now, come on, we're gonna miss the movie."

           "There's always like ten minutes of previews, baby, don't worry," he reassures you. He still lets you tug him along at a faster pace down the sidewalk.

           "Kim Namjoon, I have been waiting weeks to see this movie and we were lucky to find it showing anywhere at all," you remind him. "I refuse to miss a second of it."

           "All right, all right," he laughs.

           He follows you obediently at your pace into the theater, knocking your cash aside to pay for your popcorn and drinks, and carries them towards the theater. You have to hand the bored teenager at the entrance your tickets and hold the door for him but you don't really mind.

           "Just don't drop anything, God of Destruction," you tease as you head towards the stairs. The theater's devoid of anyone with the only sounds your giggles and the mindless drone of the commercials playing on the screen.

           "I won't," he whines. "Come on, let's go to the back."

           "Oh god, we're really risking the popcorn now."

           "Keep being mean and I'll drop it on purpose and make you buy more."

           You laugh gleefully, leading him up the stairs to the last row. "Don't do that to the poor workers. They already care so little about their jobs."

           Namjoon grins, settling down in the seat directly below the projection window. "You're right," he says, tone darkening. "Your punishments should be for you alone."

           Your laughter stutters off into a choke at the look he fixes you with. You've only seen that look outside the bedroom a few times and the other times have been in slightly more populated areas and led to a rather rough night later on. But here, here where there's no one around, you feel much more in danger.

           It barely lasts a second before he smiles innocently again. "Don't just stand there, dummy, sit down."

           Your eyes narrow slightly but you sink into the seat next to his and accept the bucket of popcorn he puts in your lip. Almost immediately, he shoves the armrest between you aside and your heart stutters again but he just wraps an innocent arm around your shoulder and pulls you closer into his side. The lights dim even more as the show starts, and you relax into him, attention turning towards the screen.

           And, for a while, all is well. You both end up with your feet on the seats in front of you, whisper-fighting about stealing too much popcorn, and laughing at the antics on screen. You've forgotten just how much you love spending time with him because he never fails to make you laugh and he holds you like you're more precious to him than anything else in the world. The hand around your shoulder finds your hair, combing it through it in a slow rhythm that almost puts you to sleep when combined with the warmth of his body at your back. You hum in contentment, snuggling into his side as you set the now-empty popcorn bucket down.

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