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You place your boxes on the floor of your new room, happy to get in to your dorm. You shared a dorm with a girl that you don't even know, but it didn't bother you to have her around. You hear your bedroom dorm open and see your best friend Taehyung enter the room with more of your boxes.

"Thanks again and also, sorry for ruining your plans with Jimin and Jungkook" You said, bowing down to apologize.

"Ahh, it's okay. I can go play bowling with them another time. Because you needed my help, I would never let you down. So, do you have a roommate?" He asks, looking around the room.

"Yeah, apparently it's a girl, I'm not really sure. Well... Since you're here... Care to help me place my things?"

He smiles and starts to unpack your stuffs out. You place your pillows, blankets and stuffed animals on the bed while he puts your laptop, charger and other things on the desk. Your room looked pretty nice after arranging the things. The posters you bought were well placed and you couldn't wait to sleep in your own bedroom for the first time.

"Oh yeah, I bought you this." He said, unwrapping his jacket.

He hands you an orange bag and you grab it, taking the item that was in it out. It was a picture book filled with pictures of you and him, with the other boys. You smiled and look at him.

"It's really cute... Thanks, Tae" You said, hugging him.

He hugs you back and you both stay like that for a few minutes until your roommate comes to disturb you. She had brown semi-long hair. It was long until her shoulders. Her eyes were kind of round and dark, her lips were thin and pink and her eyelashes were long and dark. She looks at you two and smiles.

"Do you guys want to have dinner?" She asks, her arms folded on to her chest.

"Uh... I think I should get going..." Your friend says, releasing you from his arms.

"A-Alright... See you soon, Taehyung." You whispered.

He leaves the dorm and you stand in your room with your roommate at the door.

"My name is Leanna. Sorry for not introducing myself properly." She says.

"Ah, it's alright! My name is _____. Sorry for making you see that, hehe..."

"I hope it won't happen again..." She whispers loudly in a harsh tone.

"Uh... Yeah... I... Hope so..."

It's been a few weeks already since you moved in. Your best friend would come to see you every week end or evening, depending on his plans. While you were doing your homework, you hear the doorbell ring.

"I'll go get it." Your roommate mumbles loudly.

It hasn't even been 5 months and she's been showing a lot of attitude since the second day. You didn't know if it was her normal attitude or it was your fault.

"Oh! Hi, um, Taehyung! Come in!" She says with a new voice.

You could hear him thank her and his footsteps coming towards your door. You finish writing the last sentence and close your book. He enters the bedroom and closed the door.

"Hey V." You said, with a tired voice.

"Are you okay? Do you need help for your homework?" He asks, putting the bags he brought on the ground,

"No, I'm alright. I already finished so... I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be back." You said, putting your pencil on your desk.

You enter the bathroom and wash your face just to wake up a bit. You heard Leanna talk to Taehyung. You open the bathroom door and head to your room. You were about to turn the knob, but hesitated and decided to listen to the conversation.

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