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-Jiminie!- you called him out, your voice with an amused tone. One would say you were taking advantage of your situation... and in fact you were. You giggled under your breath, placing a hand in front of your lips, you just couldn't help it.

Jimin came running into the living room; he had a red apron hanging messily on his torso and a pan on his left hand for he was fighting a true battle in the kitchen, or so it seemed to be by all the fuzz.

-Jagi- he gasped approaching you with worried eyes. -Are you ok? Do you need something?- he looked all around you, leaving the pan on the floor and approaching the couch where you were calmly resting to check up on you better.

You played with your fingers, they danced on top of your outstanding round belly due to your advanced pregnancy, that action caught Jimin's eyes and his expression instantly melted into the most caring and loving one. He took a seat by your side on the couch and put a hand on top of your belly, his eyes looking into yours while he smiled.

-Why were you calling me jagi?- you moved your head near his to leave a soft peck on his cheek.

-I'm hungry Jimin- you chanted, leaning your head on his shoulder. Jimin brought a hand up to your hair and caressed it softly.

-Food is going just fine Y/N, it should be done soon- you smiled to his words. Jimin had been going up and down and from corner to corner in the house just to have you resting and spoiled. He didn't want you to move a single finger and made sure to treat you as his queen. Well, his pregnant queen as he called you.

You appreciated all of his efforts, all the time he was investing in you just to make the whole pregnancy process so comfortable, taking you to every medical checkup, fixing everything for you, taking his days off to take care of you and the most important part of it all, fulfilling your insane cravings. You laughed to your own thoughts, like one night you woke him up at 3am in the morning for waffles with fried bacon. But Jimin complied, not minding the hour. He was just like that.

-But Jiminie- you were whispering against his neck and his hand was still caressing softly your belly. -I want ice cream, with fruits, an do we have chocolate syrup? I want some of that too-

Jimin looked down at you smiling, not believing this. Just about twenty minutes ago you wanted to have dinner, so he laughed.

-But jagi- he said using the same tone as you. -Won't you get dinner first?- he pulled your face up to look at you better.

You puckered your face as a little child. -I want something sweet first...-

Jimin sighed, he would really want you to eat something first instead of going for sweets but you looked at him with your best and long practiced puppy eyes which you knew he couldn't resist before. -Please? I can tell that the baby agrees-

And with this you made sure that Jimin still couldn't not resist those eyes, much less when you mentioned the soon-to-be-here baby.

He gave you a suspicious look but he was smiling so wide he couldn't fool you, you knew you had him on your finger already. Jimin finally laughed it off and stood up from the couch, picking both of your hands between his.

-Anything for the two most important people in my life- he kissed your knuckles before tenderly winking an eye to you and went to the kitchen again.

When he came back, a white porcelain cup was between his hands and the big smile was still on his face. -First things first,- he leaned on you and repositioned the fluffy cushions and pillows at your back so you could sit better to have your so longed ice cream, and he did it with such a serious face, making sure every cushion was on place and that you were comfortable with the new arrangement.

-Oh this looks so delicious Jimin- you said when he placed the cup on your hands. You stared at its content and it was filled exactly with what you asked him for, luscious ice cream topped with a mix of fruits and even the chocolate syrup. You sank the little spoon in the mix to pick some and putted it into your mouth right away. -Hmmmm-

Jimin sat on the coffee table in front of you, just staring as you ate the dessert with such want. Lately he found out that there wasn't something that made him happier than spoiling you. His eyes wandered down to your belly and his smile grew bigger. He couldn't help but to anticipate the little baby growing inside that was a part of you both and undoubtedly an expression of your love.

He would do anything to keep you comfortable, knowing that now he had to take care for two. His hands reached for your legs which weren't far from him and he lifted them both, placing your feet on top of his knees. Jimin started to massage your lower legs softly, with care. His hands moved from your knees down to your feet and squeezed them.

-Do you like it?- he was smiling so cheesy by now, but he couldn't help it. You were the center of his world and he only wanted to please you as much as he could.

-Yes babe, thank you so much- you smiled holding a new spoon filled with ice cream in front of your lips, but you thought better about it. -Open your mouth-

You leaned forward and held the spoon in front of Jimin's mouth. He looked at you and opened it to taste the ice cream mix.

-It's delicious, isn't it? - Jimin licked his lips and nodded. You smiled back to him, narrowing your eyes with joy. But then, a surprised expression crossed your face and you couldn't hide it.

-What? - Jimin asked surprised as well, a little bit alarmed.

You left the ice cream mix by your side and released your legs from Jimin's grip, placing them in the floor.

-Come here fast!- you reached for his hands and pulled him towards you. Jimin ended up kneeling on the floor in front of you and you placed his hands on top of the right side of your belly.

You saw Jimin's face lighting up as a Christmas tree in mere seconds, his eyes opened so big and his mouth was making a perfect "O" shape. Under his palms he could feel the baby kicking and both of you were mesmerized by it, as always.

You placed your hands on top of him, feeling so alive and so blessed for having a husband like him by your side. Jimin moved his head to kiss your belly in the place the baby could be felt and you knew that yes, Jimin was the loveliest husband, but he was also going to be the best dad ever. You were sure about it.

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