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Since you were children, Taehyung and you were best friends. You were neighbours and you met every day to go to school together. A day, as you were coming back home, TAehyung insisted to drink a bubble tea with you.

You followed him in the closest Coffee shop and you sat at the table near to the window. Taehyung went to buy your drinks then he came back with two bubble teas flavor taro, the best in the world to your eyes. You began to drink, talking of all and nothing. The school, your teachers, your friends, memories of your childhood.

Then, silence took place. An awkward silence. You had never felt like this. Even TAehyung didn't talk anymore and you felt very ill-at-ease. Usually, even when you didn't know what to say, Taehyung -who was very talkative- always found a subject to discuss. You didn't dare to look at him. Why were you like this? Was it normal to feel ill-at-ease in front of your best friend?

Suddenly, Taehyung had a slight cough. You raised your head to him and your eyes met his'. You had never really taken care of his eyes. But today, you found that they were beautiful. And his look was so deep that you could lose yourself inside. Realizing that you were staring Taehyung face in every detail, you blushed and turned your head away. Then you muttered "Have you something to say?"

"Yes..." He replied slowly. "In fact, you know, Saturday night... There is this firework on Han River... And I... I was wondering if you would like to go there with me..."

What? Taehyung wanted to see the firework with you? But... This kind of things... Wasn't it usually for couples? You didn't know what to say and was just blushing more and more, becoming a tomato. At this moment, you thought that you had never thought so much. What should you do? Should you answer yes or no? Yes or no? Yes or no... Aish, after all, Taehyung was only your best friend, wasn't he? There was no reason to put you in this state, was there?

"It's okay, let's go there."

"Really?" He shouted with a big smile.


"Gomawo _______-ah!"

You answered with a smile, stopping asking you questions. The awkward silence has disappeared and you talked as before. As nothing has changed. But something has changed. Deep of you, even if you didn't realize it yet, you didn't see Taehyung as before. You didn't see him as your best friend, but as a man.

The week passed very fast. It was Saturday already. TAehyung had planed to take you at 9pm and it was now 8pm. You didn't know what to wear. You parents weren't here so you couldn't even ask your mother. After have changed three times, you went out the bathroom, wearing a pretty purple dress with white polka-dots. Finally ready, you sat on your sofa, waiting for your neighbour. Without knowing why, you were a little stressed.

The bell rang. You jumped with surprise as you heard it then you stood up to open the door. You stayed a moment without saying a word. TAehyung was beautiful. He was wearing a burgundy shirt on black jeans. Then, a long black coat completed his clothing. "Annyeong." he said with a lovely smile.

"A-annyeong, Taehyung."

"Let's go?"

"Yeah, let's go." you smiled.

You took a white jacket, locked the door and followed Taehyung. You walked to the Han River, keeping quiet. You didn't know what to say. It seemed like a date and it was strange. Then, you arrived to the river.

Although the firework didn't began yet, there were hundreds people. Taehyung stretched out his arm to you. "Take my arm, I don't want to lose you."

"A...Arasseo..." you replied, blushing.

You took his arm. You had never been so close of him. He smelled so good... You walked through the crowd and managed to find a place where there was nobody. You sat down on the grass, waiting for the firework. It began around 45 minutes later. You stood up to see well. It was beautiful. There were so many colours. Your favourites were the gold ones. They seemed like fairy dust. "Make a wish." Taehyung told you.

You nodded and make the wish that this moment never ends. Then you looked at Taehyung. His eyes were close and his hands were joined together; he was making his wish. As he opened his eyes, you asked him, curious. "What wish did you do?"

"Aha~ It's a secret." he replied, putting his finger in front of his mouth.

"Yah! Come on! Tell me!"

"And you? What did you wish?"

"It's a secret." you imitated him, sticking out your tongue.

"______." he began to say, serious. "You know, any wish you made, I promise that I'll make it realize."

"Eh?" You asked, surprised. "Why so suddenly?"

"______, my wish... My wish was to have the courage to tell you that... I love you."

You blushed. It was the first time that a boy confessed to you. And it wasn't any boy. It was Taehyung. Your best friend. But was he still only your best friend? You didn't know. You didn't know anymore. You didn't know why, but you felt good, there, with him. This feeling... This feeling was certainly... love. You approached him slowly then you looked at him and stammered. "I... I think I love you too..."

A big bright smile took place on TAehyung face and he put his arms around you, holding you tight. You smiled to your turn. You had never felt so good. Then, Taehyung whispered to your ear. "Don't forget, I'll make all your wishes come true. I'll give you all the world, my princess."

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