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-Sunscreen? -
-Towels? -
-Diapers? -
-Extra change of clothes? -
-Formula? -
-Why are we taking the stroller to the beach? - Yoongi's confused voice made you turn to him.

You were checking one last time all the things you had to take with you today to the beach, and Yoongi was the one in charge of reading the list you had pre-made for him, you were checking everything in the bags.

-Why won't we take the stroller? It is useful! -
Yoongi sighed. -Yeobo, we are going to the beach, you know? As in sand and salt water beach-
You rolled your eyes ignoring his comment. -Yoongi, the stroller could be useful in any kind of situation-
He was lying on his side of the bed with the list in his hands and looked at you over the paper. -It's just going to take more space in the car-
-Fine, we'll leave it. But don't whine when we need it later-
Yoongi chuckled. -Oh you're so sure of yourself. We won't-

At that moment the door opened, and a tiny figure made entrance before you. Both of you smiled at him, Yonghyun, your older son was standing there looking at you with a playful face.
-Mommy! Daddy! I want to go to the beach! - He shouted, he had already his swimsuit on and one of his water wings.
Yoongi went to him and carried him to bed. -We're waiting for your mother-
Yonghyun pouted at you. -Mommy! Hurry! -
Yoongi laughed and the little boy giggled at his father's laugher. -That's right mommy, hurry up! - Yoongi resolved and they laughed together again.
-Oh, so you two are ganging up on me? - You said while closing the last bag. -Fine, Changmin and me are going to leave for the beach with these bags, and you can stay here-
The little Yonghyun was alarmed at that warning and instantly ran to your side. -I'll wait for you mommy-
You smirked at Yoongi and grabbed Yonghyun's hand. -Let's get your brother ready while your dad set these up in the car-

This was the first time you were taking your two sons to the beach, so to be honest Yoongi and you were kind of nervous; but little Yonghyun had always loved the beach since he acquired conscience enough to know what beach meant. So taking advantage of some free time and a good sunny day, you decided it was the best opportunity to go and have some fun.

The ride to the beach wasn't that long, you both opted for one near the city so you wouldn't be too far from home. Yonghyun and Changmin were on the back seat, and as always you had turned on the cd player so the boys could listen to some music and be distracted, but apparently today they weren't feeling it.
-Mom, how long is to the beach? -
-We're almost there honey-
-Mommy, Minie want beach!- the little one of your boys blurted out, making Yoongi and you smile, he was one year younger than Yonghyun but he caught up to everything so fast.
-The beach is so close mommy can already feel the water-
The boys giggled and made little excited noises. -But we are not there mommy, you can't feel the water! -
Yoongi laughed at this and you slapped his thigh playfully. -Yah-
-We're going to be there soon sweetheart-

After some minutes Changmin started mumbling and when you turned around to see what was happening you saw him almost in tears, trying to get out of the chair. -Minie what's wrong? -
The little boy swallowed hard and looked at you with a pout on his cute face. -Minie is bored-
-Don't be bored Minie- Yoongi said trying to be reassuring, but that made the little boy more anxious.
-Let's see, what do you guys want to do? -
Yonghyun perked up at this. -Can we have snacks? -
You shook your head. -Snacks are for later-
At your negative he was silent for a moment but then smiled again, a new idea on his mind. -Daddy can sing! -
You looked at Yoongi who had a poker face, he was so reluctant to sing sometimes, saying he was a rapper and he should do rapper stuff and all that jazz, so maybe you could collaborate with them and make him strike some notes.
-You want Daddy to sing? -
The pouty face that Changmin had, transformed into a smiley one. -Daddy sing! -
Yoongi chuckled suddenly nervous. -Yeobo, I don't think we have to do that-
You smiled deviously at him. -Of course we do! Let's make a vote- you turned again so you could watch your children. -Boys, who votes for daddy to sing?!-

Needless to say the little ones lifted both hands and you lifted yours, Yoongi stared at you and licked his lips. -You're paying for this later- he whispered and you almost blushed at his insinuation.
He cleared his throat first, grabbing full attention of the boys. -Hello everyone, Should I sing?-
The boys clapped excited and you joined the fun too making Yoongi smile. -Since this is a special request I will sing gladly and lovingly, should I start?-
-Boys, daddy is going to sing!- you squealed and the little boys got more happy at your enthusiasm.
Yoongi started his song, this time he sang Blanket Kick, that old song from one of his firsts albums. It gave you fuzzy feelings inside and you couldn't stop smiling. He sang calmly at first but as the song continued he got more excited and soon he was making all the aegyo and cute gestures that were characteristic of the song.
Although the boys couldn't see his face that well, they were enjoying the act, Yonghyun was already a fan of everything his father did, and sometimes you would sing this song to them, but him being the oldest was the one who remembered the little movement of his head with his hands on his cheeks. It was so cute you couldn't contain yourself and started taking pictures and ended up singing the rest of the song with Yoongi.

Luckily the beach wasn't so crowded that day, Yoongi parked at a good spot but you still had to walk a little to get to the actual beach. Once there, you got a canopy and settled in at a good distance from the sea. Near enough to not burn your feet walking but far enough to not get everything wet. You split jobs to apply sunscreen to the boys, you got Changmin and Yoongi applied it to Yonghyun who couldn't stop talking.

Your boys didn't have that much of a difference in age but their personalities were definitely not the same. Changmin being the youngest by a year was starting to learn how to talk and walk properly, at his two years you could already tell he was going to be a quiet boy. But Yonghyun was everything but quiet, he loved to talk and laugh and play nonstop, but above all things he looked up at Yoongi like his ultimate superhero. You guessed you two could relate on that one.

After you were done with that Yoongi and you sat on the sand with them and started to do sand castles. On Yoongi's team, Yonghyun wanted to do it all so he could show off to his father who just watched everything with a lazy smile on his face.
-Our castle will have so much swag- you huffed at your husband's words, always thinking about swag, but smiled nonetheless.
-Swag! - repeated Yonghyun giggling.
You on the other hand were helping little Changmin to put up a decent castle together and it was looking pretty good. But Changmin putted too much force in one of the towers and the whole thing came down, which resulted in tears.
-It's ok Minie, we can make another one-
You couldn't even understand what he was saying between his cries, Yoongi rushed to your side pulling him to his arms. -Hey little Minie, you don't have to cry for that-
The crying lasted a couple of minutes more until he calmed down and Yonghyun approached. -Don't worry Minie, we can share! -
Your heart was flooded with affection and Yoongi seemed to understand, smiling and having high fives with the two boys. -That's what I'm talking about-

Afterwards you went to the sea, just near the shore to be safe but the boys loved it. Yoongi was being a bit lazy at first as usual, but then he agreed that if you had brought them here was for them to get to know the sea. You rested with Changmin on the shore, the little one playing with the waves, wanting to get to where his brother was. Yoongi was teaching Yonghyun the basics for swimming, and he was getting it just fine, fearless of anything because his father was with him.
The snacks were needed when you left the water, you've packed tuna sandwiches and fruit for everyone, except Changmin who still had to drink his formula, you ate until you were full and rested in the deck chairs that came with the canopy.
The boys fell asleep like rocks, even the electric Yonghyun, who was "a beagle" like his uncles Tae and Jimin, was sleeping soundly.
-This is the power of the beach- you said watching the scene, Yoongi agreed besides you.
-I could sleep too-
-I don't doubt you babe- you replied giggling a little. -But let's go home-
Yoongi nodded. -Yeah, we can sleep better on the bed-

Yoongi and you packed everything again; ready to go but then realized the two boys were still asleep.
-It's a shame we have to wake them- Yoongi said putting a bad on his back. -But we can't carry it all and them too all the way to the car, if only we've brought the stroller we could've carried them until the road and then...-
You laughed this time, and Yoongi sighed annoyed. -If we've brought what honey? -
-Fine, you win, a stroller. We needed the stroller-
You stared and his frowning and sore expression and placed your arms behind his neck. -You're such a cutie- and kissed him, Yoongi hugged you too and kissed you back, but you were interrupted, a tiny voice making you separate your lips.
-Eww Mom and Dad are kissing! -
Both of you chuckled, Yonghyun was up again.

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