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"Well hello" you greeted when you felt a familiar scent come really close to you. Then you felt a pair of warm hands coming from behind you and finding their place from your hips. "How was work?" you asked and turned to look at your boyfriend Taehyung. He smiled at you when your eyes met and he gave you a sweet little kiss on your lips. "Let's not talk about work please?" he begged and slowly rubbed his thumbs on your hips. You didn't really think anything when he asked for that and you gave and immediate 'yes'. You were currently in the process of putting the dishes into the dishwasher so you could move on with your other chores you had planned for tonight. Then it hit you.
"Honey now that you're home...could you help me with a few things?" you asked and turned around, closing the dishwasher door with your bum. He looked at you and took a deep breath: "Sure" he then answered and took off his cap, ruffling his hair and putting the cap back on. You smiled and gave him a peck on his lips, excited that you wouldn't have to do everything completely alone.

"Could you sort out the laundry and wash some of the white clothes?" you asked and started cleaning the stovetops. He shouted a yeah from the laundry room and for a while it was silent.

"Babe could you also find the microfiber cloths for me? They should be somewhere in the cabinet" you asked and heard a simple 'yes' from him. When he brought the cloths for you, you continued by swiping the worktops with the cleanest cloth out of the three that he brought. You were happy that the chores were done so much quicker now, the only thing you had left was to vacuum. Thinking that you'd be both be able to relax at the same time you asked: "Also could you vacuum the living room table with the small vacuum, please?" He took your order well and got the mini vacuum and walked to the living room.

"Oh I was supposed to ask if you -" "Enough!" he snarled and dropped the mini vacuum on the floor, sitting on the sofa, his hands on both sides of his head. You looked at him, trying to force down the tears that were swelling up in your eyes - he had never scared you like that. He was breathing heavily and again, you were startled when he aggressively threw himself to the back of the sofa and let out a loud sigh. "I'm so...tired" he said, his voice almost cracking. He buried his face into his hands and took deep breaths trying to calm down. You bit your lip, realising that you had gone overboard with the chores and not realising how tired he must've been. "I'm sorry, I should've known..." you quietly said, taking a few steps closer to where he was sitting. He kept silent for a while and then took his hands away from his face and looked at you with apologetic eyes. "It's okay, I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have been so...rude" he explained. He opened his arms for you and you slowly walked into his embrace. You strattled him and wrapped your arms around him, not saying a word. "I didn't know you were so stressed" you whispered after a moment of silence. "Yeah there's a lot going on at work...and I really don't want to bother you with any of it" he stated and rubbed circles on your back with his fingers. "You don't bother me - I just like it when you talk to me no matter the subject. I get that you go through a lot of stress but I can never know when you really just want to rest if you don't tell me" you answered and started creating pointless shapes on his back with your fingertips as well. He sighed again and separated from your hug and looked at you, smiling slightly. "I love you, I hope you know that" he said and placed his hands on your thighs. "I love you just as much" you spoke which resulted you two connectiing your lips into a sweet kiss.

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