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The Mcountdown music show has officially ended. I had finally worked up the little courage I had and walked up to the nearby celebrity, who had his attention on his phone, back stage where I worked as the staff. Standing shorter than a feet away from him, I opened my mouth and let the words come out, "Hey, you guys did great out there. As always."

Suga looked up from his phone to look at me and when he did, he gave a sweet smile, "Thanks. Glad you could enjoy our performance."

"I'm a huge fan and could I possibly get an autograph, if you mind," I said hopefully yet calmly holding out a notebook and pen.

He put his phone down and gratefully took both them up and started putting down his signature.

"So what's your name," Suga asked glancing up at me.

"It's Y/N."

He gave me my notebook back and lingered at his spot and softly stared at me. I stared back with admiring smile, "Well, thanks. Bye."

"It's really nice to meet you, Y/n. I hope you continue supporting us," he said with a genuine smile.

I nodded and simply walked away. I was nervous, gladly it didn't show. I didn't know if it was me, but something made me feel like I was gonna see Suga again-

"Hey Y/N!"

And pretty soon as it seems. I turned around to face Suga who was heading towards me.

"Uh, yeah?"

"I think you're cool and if you're busy later, maybe we could hang out. What do you say," Suga said nonchalantly.

I pretended to think and looked back at Suga, "I don't know. I might get attacked by sasaengs or something, but sure that'd be really cool. I'd like that."

A couple months have past since our first encounter, Suga, or should I say Yoongi, and I have gotten much closer. We met up to drink coffee together, I visit him when he's working, and I've even met some of the other members. We were all in good terms, but Yoongi and I were the closest.

It was now BTS's day off and all of the guys, with the exception of Yoongi, went off to who knows where and went to have fun. Yoongi and I stayed back because we both were lazy and weren't up to it. That was something we both had and common, we liked time to ourselves to laze around.

We both ended up watching a random movie on TV and laid back on couch. We were watching some romantic comedy and were in the middle of a short bed scene. We were both quiet, but it was the comfortable quiet, or at least I thought it was. Yoongi's expression didn't really change during it but I felt him shift on the couch. I chuckled at my friend.

I shifted slightly towards him, "Hey, are you perhaps getting turned on Mr. Min?"

"Tch, no. What about you? Aren't you all hot and bother especially with a flower boy like me around. I mean look at me," Yoongi said jokingly as he gestured towards himself.

I chuckled once more at his ridiculous comment, "Nope. I'm asexual."

"Really," Yoongi asked surprised.

I nodded childishly as if I was proud.

"Oh, nice to know."

I looked back at Yoongi slightly confused at his reaction, "That's it?"

"What do you mean," Yoongi said who was now also confused.

"I expected you to react more, I don't know."

"Why would I?"

"Well people I've told all freak out when they found out and like interrogate me and stuff. Like it's that big of a deal."

Yoongi chuckled at my answer, "Do you not know me? Who am I to exactly judge? So you're asexual, so what? It doesn't change who you are as a person. You're still the cool Y/N that I know."

I smiled a brighter smile that day and slouched further on the couch as I looked at Yoongi with an admirable expression.

"What," he asked.

"You're really cool do you know that?"

He chuckles, "No I'm not cool. I'm swag. Get your facts right."

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