Namjoon (requested)

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Finally. The last year of college had arrived and you were more than excited. The reason for your excitement was anything but homework and studies. You used to be the nerd above all nerds. Parties and social events meant nothing to you and so did your appearance. During the holidays you received personal revelation; you didn't want to be a nerd anymore. You wanted to improve your dealings and interactions with other people. Especially one person came in your mind, Kim Namjoon. He was one of the schools baddass kingkas together with Bts, the group they were called. They were all anything but nerds, they were badass, attractive, sexy and rich. Yes, they were on top of the social hierarchy to be precise. You've always been crazy about him since middle school but he had never really noticed you the way you wanted to be noticed. However Namjoon was the only one who looked at you and gave you a wink, when you did. All others had looked at you in disgust. You had decided that it was time to change and take action. It was time to do something completely different. You wanted to show everyone that you also could be an attractive, feminine and beautiful girl. Everything had been planned down to the last, you've got yourself a serious makeover. You couldn't believe your own eyes. Everything from your hair, skin, makeup clothes etc. had changed. Even your braces was removed and now perfect white teeth sparkled from your mouth. You felt good about your appearance for the first time ever. You were everything you've ever dreamed of. A princess to be honest.

You trembled in anticipation as you soon would reach school. Everything was planned. You wore your school uniform in a whole new way. Now it even looked sexy instead of clumsy. The black and long wavy hairs of yours fringed your beautiful clean face perfectly. Overall your self-esteem and confidence were on point. Nothing and no one could break you.

"YOOMI, IS THAT YOU?!" You turned your head to the owner of the shouting voice and saw no other than your best friend. The only friend you had. Sojin.

"What happened to you? You look like you've been dropped in a box full of Victoria Secret models. I didn't know you looked like this underneath.. that.. uhmm, yea that.."

You stared at each other for a moment, until you burst into laughter. Normally you would've been offended by such a remark but you were so happy with the new you that it didn't bother you at all.
"Yeah, crazy right? I like this new me. It feels better!"

"Sure it does! Look at you. You could beat all queenkas in Seoul with just one stare. And that's not even an exaggeration!" You hugged her spontaneously which just made her laugh.

"Let's goooo. I'm looking forward to see all the drooling that will be when you enter the classroom. I swear this is going to be so freaking epic!"

As you were approaching the school building, more and more people stopped to look at you. Some even took pictures. The fact that they looked at you like you were a new ulzzang everyone wanted to see, pleased you and made you insecure as well. You thought about if they recognized you since they were whispering. Sojin came closer, "Oh my, I don't know what to say. I feel like a celebrity because of you. It's so awkward!" She laughed and you just shook your head. You couldn't believe it either.

"OH FUCK! Yoomi, you have to see this. Bts. are over there. Staring at you like wild beasts. They are so fucking hot.." You turned your head in the direction of her pointing. and to your surprise you saw all Bts. eating you up with their eyes. Jimin whispered something to Jungkook who nodded with a smirk while looking at you. All of them were focusing on you, but your eyes saw him only. Namjoon. He squeezed his eyes in order to see you better. You noticed that he licked his lower lip and touched it with his thumb afterwards. His eyes didn't move from yours. All rational thinking was gone and you just didn't know what to with yourself. Namjoon knew exactly what he was doing and he enjoyed seeing you like this. Helpless and completely astounded. Furthermore he could see the obvious desire and lust in your eyes and he knew it was because of him. The thought made him chuckle. You didn't know what he was thinking and you really didn't care either. Just staring at him like this was something you've never done before and something inside you burned by the experience. A warmth and heat from down below spread throughout your body.

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