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You were sitting at your dining room table all dressed up with a simple dark purple dress, and some accessories you had just bought for your date with Suga tonight. For the third time you guessed, he was late. Usually any boyfriend that was late would only be an hour or even two hours late. Well not Suga tonight. Yes, he had been late for a couple of dates before, but that didn't bother you. You understood he was very busy with his work, especially around this time since him and his group just had their comeback. The thing that had you ticked off this evening was that he was four hours late. Not many people who have an important date to attended came four hours late. He didn't even bother to call saying he couldn't make it which made you more upset.

You finally got the point that your boyfriend was not coming, and decided to clean up your very cold dinner for two. Grabbing the plates and throwing the food into the garbage, you heard the door unlock and someone walk through. You didn't bother to look up and see who it was; you already knew it was your late boyfriend. You continued to clean the dishes and just ignore him. He deserved it, for making you wait four hours for the man to come home and just have a simple dinner. Suga saw you through the passage way from the hallway to the kitchen and was grinning from ear to ear.

"Looking good jagiyah, what is the occasion?" your boyfriend asked. Did he really forget? Or was he just trying to act funny for being late? You didn't bother to answer and just continued to clean dishes, let the guy figure out what he did wrong himself. Suga gave you a confused look making that perfect smile of his to disappear.

"Jagi, what's wrong? Did I do something?"

He obviously was clueless. You placed the still dirty dishes in the sink and walked over to the calendar hanging on the wall above the place where you put your keys, wallets, etc and point to today's date. he walks up to the calendar reading what was planned on that day. His face went from utterly confused to total face palm. He groaned and placed his hands on his face, embarrassed by the fact he forgot your date again. You then gave him a 'look what you did dumbass' look and went back to the kitchen to finish the dishes. He followed you saying sorry over and over again. You were really fed up and honestly didn't feel like talking to him, or to anyone for that matter. You turned around to look at him in the eyes to confront him of what he did and that you were not going to take it anymore until you saw the expression on his face. Both of his hands were in balled up into fists and brought up to his cheeks. Shit you thought to yourself. You looked down at his feet knowing what he was going to do. You can't let this take over your anger. You told yourself, he never really used this before in front of you. He left that for the stage to swoon all of his fans that were watching. You looked up determined to not let this take over you. Right then when you looked up, he went ecstatic.

"BUING BUING~" Suga shouted in a very cute way. You couldn't help but smile a tiny bit by the way he was acting. Doing aegyo like there was no tomorrow. You cursed at yourself knowing that he saw your smile, and knew his plan was working.

"I'm really sorry Jagiya, I totally forgot about the time, and even what day it was today." He smiled and used a bit more aegyo so you would accept his apology. You looked down at the floor again thinking if you should totally forgive him or not. Would he do it again? He did say he totally lost track of time, he was very busy and you knew it. You then looked up and gave him a warm hug sending the message that you forgave him. You couldn't blame him completely. He then broke the hug, lifting your chin and gave you a light peck on the lips.

"I love you, and I hope you know that." He said then gave you a more passionate kiss making you forget what even happened five seconds ago.

"Just...Promise me you'll never do aegyo to me again..." you said in a pout face hoping to get the answer you wanted from him.

"Now why would I agree to that? It works doesn't it?" he said with a smirk causing you to lightly hit him on the chest. You then went to get some instant ramen for the both of you to eat for the late dinner. What a perfect date.


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