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"Heeeey!" you greeted everyone, including your boyfriend, as you entered the very familiar dorm of his that he shared with his members. You scuttled to the couch where you saw your boyfriend, Suga, sitting. He had a game controller in his hands, focused intently on the bright screen. At first it looked like he didn't even notice your arrival but in a few minutes, he paused the game. He turned to look at you and he grinned widely. He took you into his embrace and messed up your hair which you whined about when he let you go. He did a small double-take at the sight of you. Pausing the game, he grinned widely and held open his arms for you to fall into but instead of laying in his arms, you basically leaped into his lap, nuzzling your cheek against his.

After a few moments of struggling to find a comfortable position in his lap, you felt something poke against your butt. 'No can't be...' you thought to yourself with only one explanation in your mind for the poking sensation that you felt.

"_____?" he asked, his voice almost breaking when you wiggled yourself in his lap slightly. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pushed you a little so things wouldn't get too heated but when you realized what he was trying to do - you decided that you were going to have some fun. So, you ran your fingers gently up arms to get a hold of his shoulders. You bit your lip and stared at him, moving your hips once again to a position where you could feel his pulsing length. He couldn't hide the fact that he enjoyed every bit of your little moves on top of him, his eyes moving back and forth between your eyes and your lips. He sighed deeply and quickly pressed his lips against yours, cupping your chin with his hands. You moaned into the kiss when it became more heated by the second but stopped the kiss when he bucked his hips up. You looked like nothing happened, as if you were really innocent and he had started everything. "Are you playing with me?" he breathed. You just smiled, hovering your lips above his. He shook his head and bit his lip, looking horny and the fact that he now had a clear boner didn't really help with his 'everything is okay' cover. "I can't believe you" he said and kissed you again. His hands moved to your waist, and he tried to pull you against him. You resisted his pull and laughed into the kiss. "Don't start this if you don't want to finish it," he commented, being really annoyed by the fact that you teased him.

You grinned at his distress, hardly feeling guilty at all. Yoongi made this really awkward face which was clearly his attempt on being cute. "Please" he said and pouted, really wanting you to either stop now or take him somewhere and do what he wanted. "Aw," you cooed, pinching his cheek. "Aren't you so cute now -" "What's happening here?" said Namjoon who walked into the living room. You both looked at him at the same time and smiled. "Nothing", you said before Yoongi was able to answer anything. Namjoon just nodded and walked into the kitchen, not really caring what you guys were doing anyways.

"What if I promise to finish?" you told Suga and to be honest, it was no lie - you kind of wanted to finish this now. "Okay fine, you owe me," he whispered in your ear after Namjoon made his way to the kitchen. He lifted you off of his lap and gave you a little kiss on your cheek. "Okay," you answered, laughing a little.

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