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You got to class early as usually but to your disappointment someone was already sitting in your seat. You stormed over and kicked one of the legs of your desk waking up the student.

Jungkook groggily opened his eyes and stared up at you in annoyance, "can I help you?"

"Yeah, if you'd get your giant ass out of my seat," you sneered.

jungkook' gaze grew intense and he glanced at your behind, "well I'm not sure if your giant ass could still fit in this one." He shot back.

You scoffed and kicked his shin, "you can either get off or-"

"Or what?" He interrupted standing up obviously towering over you as he stared down at you.

You smirked, "or I'd make you, but you've already made your move."

And with that you slyly slid past him and took your seat. Jungkook scoffed and an attempt to lift you out of your seat just as the bell rang and your teacher walked in. He sighed and took his rightful seat beside you as you sent stuck your tongue out at him.

"What are we 5?!" He shouted catching all of the attention in the class as they stared between the two of you.

"You and you," your professor pointed at you and Kris. "Out of my class."

And with that you two mumbled swear words to each other while making your way out into the hallway.

"Thanks a lot dickhead," you groaned before leaving him by himself in the hallway.

"Why do you hate me so much?" He asked out of the blue.

Honestly there was no real reason why you hated him, maybe it was because of his drop dead gorgeous looks, his piercing gaze, his perfect grades, his stunning family background, overall you realized you just hated him because of his perfection. They say that nothing in this world is perfect but that was an understatement, Jungkook defied that rule.

"I don't hate you," you answered not bothering to look back at him.

"Then why do act like you despise me so much?"

"Because you're annoying," you lied.

"Well, I'm sorry. I didn't know my way of actually trying chasing a girl would come off as annoying." Jungkook replied his tone not changing from his monotone.

"Wait..." you paused, "what?"

"You heard me," he replied his icy expression still present on his face, but that was just how he looked.

"I know but... what?" You repeated yourself. "A guy chasing after a girl says, 'well I'm not sure if your giant ass could still fit in this one.' ?"

"Hey, you started it," his sinister smiling slowly making its way to his lips.

You laughed, "wow, real smooth."

He cleared his throat and his expressionless face prevailed again, "so... want to grab some lunch? I mean I'm pretty sure you're free, seeing as we just got kicked out of class." He smiled showing off his eye smile that he rarely showed.

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