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"We should go to a coffee shop!" You propose, walking with your boyfriend and Sohee.

"Yeah, it is kind of cold..." He says, holding your hand.

"Ah, I'm going to die it's so cold!" Sohee says, shaking herself to warm up.

"Here, take this." Jin says, taking his cloth off.

"No, it's okay I can warm up alone, you're gonna get cold."

"No, take it, I have my girlfriend and she's really hot." He says, winking at you.

She puts it on and thanks him while following you the café. You felt kind of jealous as soon as you saw her wearing his hoodie and she smiled at it. She actually looked better than you in his clothe. He wraps his arm around you and you push it off.

"I'm sweating, go away." You mumbled, trying to get away from him.

"But I'm freezing." He pouts, caging you in his arms.

"Ah, let go, there are people in here."

"So? We're a couple, what's so embarrassing?" He says, starting to shower you with kisses.

"Nope nope nope nope, moovvveeeeee!" You pushed him, walking to the counter.

You order your drinks and sit at the table with the other two people you came with, sitting near the corner far from your boyfriend. He changes his seat to sit next to you.

"Thank you, sweetie~" He chants, drinking his hot cocoa.

"Thank you, ______" Sohee says, shyly drinking hers.

After hanging out and getting home, you went directly to your bedroom without talking to Jin. You felt your blood pressure you to close the door and you did.

You heard him knock several times on the door then talk to it. Or maybe he was talking to you since he said your name and hummed the words 'sweetie', 'babe', 'honey' and so on. He then left the door to go sit on the couch.

You open it and looked around, he looks at you and gets up to walk fast enough to you.

"Why did you close the door?" He asks, walking in to the room to put the hoodie Sohee wore.

You groan loudly enough for him to turn around and grab you as you were about to leave.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, let go."

"There's obviously something wrong. What is it?" He asks with a concerned tone.

"Are you going to let go?!" You felt your heart beat faster and your voice get louder.

"I'm not until you tell me what's wrong."

You tried to stay calm even if you wanted to scream. "It's nothing, alright? Don't worry about it, now let go."

"Hey, that's not a good reason. Explain yourself."

You sigh and look up to his eyes. You hold is wrist and give him a smile to make him let go.

"Oppa, I'm fine, you can let go now. There's nothing wrong."

"No, there's something wrong. A few seconds ago you were about to burst, now you're trying to calm down and avoid giving me the reason. Just tell me, alright?"

"Ugh fine, I'm just annoyed of that Sohee girl." You let out, pulling your arm away from him.

You walk out of the room. "What? Why? Because I gave her my hoodie?"

"Oh, of course it's not because of your hoodie." You answered sarcastically.

"Ah, my baby is jealous? Really, if you want to wear it then, go on, I don't mind, you can even wear it without wearing pants I would love it."

You roll your eyes and sit on the couch. "You're such a child to be jealous because of that, seriously. Geez." He murmurs loudly.

"What?!" You say semi-shouting semi-talking.

"Hey hey, calm that temper down."

"You freaking..."

You pick the nearest item near you: a pillow. You run to him and start to hit him with it. He repeats the same word and protects himself with his arms. You felt a rush of anger going through your body and all you could ever do is just hit him continuously.

"What's wrong with you?! Why are you even jealous of her? Are you on a sugar rush? Your period? What's wrong?" He asks, confused of your acts.

"You stupid! We're breaking up!" You scream before giving a last hit.

As you were about to hit him, he looks at you with his eyes wide open. He grabs your arm and pulls the pillow out of your hand, throwing it to the side. He then slides his hands up to your cheeks.

"W-what did you just say?"

"Let go of me, we're over!" You screamed, feeling tears run down your cheeks.

He holds you tightly enough for you to stop wiggling in his arms. You felt like you were about to burst, your feelings hitting every single corner of you make you cry.

"Why? I don't want to."

"Let go of me."

"Why? Why would you want to? Is it because of Sohee? ____, no, I don't want to break up."

You push him pretty easily since he felt weak because of your words. You get to your room to pack up and leave as soon as you could but you felt trapped after he entered the room and closed the door.

"Don't go..." He begs, taking your hand softly away from your suitcase.

"No, I want to leave, now let go of me."

"But why do you want to leave?" He asks, pitifully.

"I'm just tired of this, you know how I feel when you give other people your things! Especially when it's something I like a lot!"

"I'm sorry, _____, it won't happen."

"I'm also tired of Sohee being in our relationship it feels like she's piercing a hole in it and she's going to come in to kick me out of it and get you. I just don't like this." You admit, zipping your luggage to close it.

"No, ______, please, we can fix those problems. Don't think those kind of things Sohee will never come between us. I promise that. Stay with me, please. I don't want you to go."

"But we already broke up a few minutes ago so I'm leaving now. Bye." You reply, getting up.

"No!" He screams.

He runs up to you and wraps you in his arms. He kicks your suitcase hard enough for it to break and open up. You could hear his breathing going fast and his tears getting your hair wet. You felt guilty for making him cry but you still wanted to leave since you two broke up.

You put your hands on his arms and whisper softly.


He sobs without giving an answer. You turn to him, your hands on his cheeks to rub his tears away. He opens his eyes and approaches his lips. Before he got to kiss you, you move your finger between your lips and ask him

"What are you doing? We're not even dating."

"Wanna be my girlfriend?" He asks with a laugh.

"If you promise to not make her come between us."

He steals you a kiss and whispers

"I promise."

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