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It's been 3 days in a row that Taehyung had turned down meeting you after almost a month apart. Yesterday, he told you today would be better to meet, but he hasn't showed up to the requested location for an hour. You sat on a bench outside of the small coffee shop where you got your iced coffee, thinking it'd be easier to spot him when he came.

You called him for the third time. The first two tries he told you he was on his way, but this third time, he said he wasn't able to come anymore.

"Taehyung-ah, are you almost here?" You twirled your straw around in your drink, noticing that the ice had melted and your coffee became lukewarm.

"Sorry, but I won't be able to make it today. How about tomorrow?"

His exact apology was nothing new. He's used the same words for the past 3 days. "I hope you know that you're not the only one busy. I have things to do too. I can't be moving my agenda around for you," You spoke with disappointment. Basically, you've been set up three times straight and you weren't willing to set up another date tomorrow if it was just going to turn out the way it did today.

"I promise. Tomorrow. Okay?"

"Taehyung-" You thought about it and you hated yourself for always letting it slide. You answered. "Okay. Tomorrow."

"I love you!" He said it in a cute, child-like voice. "Do you love me?" He continued his cuteness over the phone line.

"Yes, but I don't like you very much right now." You chose to be honest with him. Even though you had agreed to set up another date for tomorrow, you were still upset about the past days he didn't follow through.

After the call ended, you decided that since you were out, you'd go out to the mall. As you paced around window to window, you frequently saw couples and it made you miss Taehyung. When you stopped in front of your favorite store, you stepped in to look at the new arrivals they had. You looked through folds and hangers out of curiosity, picking out what you liked until you saw the back of a couple about 2 feet away. The guy held 2 of her bags in his hand as she looked at the rack of blouses. It made you drift back to how Taehyung would do the same for you when you both went shopping. A small smile cracked on the surface of your face at the memory.

You walked closer to the couple after you spotted a blouse you liked. You tiptoed to reach for it on the wall, but you lost balance and accidentally bumped into the guy you assumed was the boyfriend. Successfully though, your hand caught the shirt by its hanger, but the collision caused you to drop it on the floor.

I'm so sorry about-" You picked up the blouse before you made contact with the person. Once you did, you couldn't finish off your sentence. The eyes staring back at you belonged to the person you were suppose to meet with.

He said your name out in a hush, "Y/N-"

Seeing him there was such a shock to you. He told you he wasn't able to meet you, but then he was out at the mall too? You didn't even get the chance to ask him what he was doing here and who he was with. The woman that stood by him laced her hand into his, literally fingers between fingers, and pulled him along. "Tae baby, I want to try these on, but I need your opinion."

Tae baby?! You wanted to flip tables, but you weren't able to move at the sight of seeing Taehyung with another girl, holding hands, shopping together. Questions floated around in your head. Was he cheating? Aren't you his girlfriend? Was it really Taehyung standing in front of you? Nothing made sense. You saw him force his hand out of grasp, but he still didn't make you known to the girl that you were his girlfriend or that you both at least knew each other. He was only looking into your eyes, scared and trapped.

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